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p. vii


THE time has arrived, when the Great Wisdom, held and guarded for many centuries in the Far East, is now to come forth in America, at the command of those Great Ascended Masters who direct and protect the evolution of mankind upon this earth.

The Great Ascended Master, Saint Germain, throughout this series of books, is one of those Powerful Emissaries from the Spiritual Hierarchy of Ascended Masters who govern this planet.

He is the same Great Masterful "Presence" who worked at the Court of France previous to and during the French Revolution and whose advice, if it had been heeded, would have saved great suffering. It was because of his Transcendently Divine Power that he was referred to at that time as "Der Wundermann" of Europe. He is indissolubly linked with America past, present, and future for a very important part of his work upon this earth is the purifying, protecting, and illumining of the people of America that she may be the Carrier of the Cup of "Light" to the nations of the earth in the Golden Age that is opening before us.

America's very freedom in the beginning of her existence was due largely to his tireless efforts in

p. viii

protecting and encouraging those responsible for her inception. The drafting of the Declaration of Independence was also a direct result of his help and influence, and it was his love, protection, and guidance which sustained Washington and Lincoln during the darkest hours of their lives.

This Beloved Brother of humanity, who works untiringly for its Light and Freedom, is even now during the present hour in America working in the world of governmental affairs and bringing about certain beneficial changes that will bless her and through her the world. Not for many years ahead, will the people of America and the earth know how much of their good they owe to this Great Ascended Master to whom it is impossible to do full justice, except in deepest love, obedience, and service to the Ideal for which he stands and ceaselessly labors.

This intimate knowledge of his activities in our country makes possible a feeling of close contact and love for him that becomes a living tangible force in the life of the reader.

The radiation of this book is such as can only be given by an Ascended Master who in this case is the Great Beloved "Bearer of the Light," Saint Germain.


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