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An Introduction to thee Temple ov Psychick Youth

Thee Temple strives to end personal laziness and engender discipline.

To focus thee Will on one's true desires, in thee belief, gathered from experience that this maximises and makes happen all those things that one wants in every area ov life.

Explore daily your deepest desires, fantasies and motives, gradually focusing on what you would like to happen in a perfect world, a perfect situation, taking away all restrictions and practical considerations, what you would really want.

Then decide to try and do it.

Thee mere visualisation ov that true goal begins thee process that makes it happen.

Clean out thee trappings and debris ov compromise, ov what you have been told is reasonable for a person in your circumstances.

Be clear in admitting your real desires. Discard all irrelevancies. Ask yourself who you want as friends, if you need or want to work, what you want to eat. Check and re-check everything deeper and deeper, more and more precisely to get closer and ultimately integrate with your real Self.

Once you are focused on yourself internally, thee external aspects ov your life will fall into place. They have to.

Sceptics will say they simply don't believe this Psychick process works, but it does.

It is thee Key to thee Temple. 


To say in day-to-day life that something is 'obvious' means, more often than not, that one concedes a note ov truth in exchange for a tolerance ov thee usual hypocrisy and conditioning. You can, for example, make your opposite admit as being obvious that there is no such thing as a theory that is absolutely true; that will not stop them in any way from continuing to brandish their 'Truths' as before.

Their momentary concession passes by a sordid business in which they buy their future peace ov mind. A life without questions.

Hence, there is no higher aim than thee OBVIOUS. It is to approach thee closest to a Truth which we know to be inaccessible but whose gleam we can see.

Thee Obvious is a protection. Not only does it make people run away, but it also deceives by its rapid commonness, and by thee fact that in Flat people's minds, whatever is simple cannot be serious. 

It would be an illusion to think that thee Individual can hide all thee clues to his Oneness. His task is therefore to see to it that all thee clues are wrongly interpreted. Thus it is that they may SEEM to indicate a lack ov individuality and create a feeling ov disappointment rather than curiosity. This tactic gives us space and protection in thee traps ov time.

An Individual has many personalities or characters at thee same time or alternately. (Recent cognitive brain theory supports this.) Most people little by little eliminate thee personalities considered to be dangerous by their peer group or societal unit and finally keep only one: thee social personality - one dimensional 'flat' people.

But other people, called paradoxically 'Individuals', are always trying to develop all their personalities, even if there is an internal conflict between them. So we can clearly see that thee Individualist person logically must use 'WE' to name himself, whilst thee person who belongs to thee masses must use thee 'I'. Thee first is multi-dimensional, thee second is uni-dimensional.

One ov thee Temple functions is to encourage and support thee development ov multi-dimensional individuals. Hence our use ov 'WE' in our texts. 


Our stress on self discipline is important, it links thee internal methods ov ritual to our approval and suggestion ov other forms ov physical discipline to compliment thee mental/sexual ones. Hence you will often find that Initiates ov thee Temple will be engaged in such outside activities as Marksmanship, Martial Arts, Swimming and so on as an extension ov thee theory ov maintaining and improving ones Focus and abilities.

Thee point is not thee skill in itself, though we appreciate thee practical nature, in a society such as ours, ov an ability to defend oneself and be fit, but thee application, thee discipline itself. So one may be poor in terms ov results, but excellent in terms ov your genuine application to a skill that requires thought, co-ordination and a degree ov dedication. A synthesis ov physical action, thought, reflex and an analysis ov both yourself and a target (real and metaphorical). 


We attempt to commune with spirits, to be friends with thee Human Spirit.

We care for thee infinite significance ov thee individual spirit and personal moral responsibility and its development through experience.

We believe in thee total significance ov thee individual discovered though familiarity with thee deepest instincts and explorations ov destiny outside thee traps ov time.

We intend to engender moral freedom, spiritual freedom, sexual freedom, and personal independence, to insist upon personal choose in all things.

We accept responsibility gladly, with excitement and deliberate ignorance ov thee outcoum.

We revel in mystery and surprise.

We bury our selves in challenge and dreams.

We embrace all possibilities and impossibilities with joy and excitement.

We accept thee true nature ov life, thee way thee world is. Flexible and shifting, in flux every moment, shaped by parallel levels that accept contradiction and inconsistency as inviolate qualities that generate mystery and mastery.

We direct ourselves wherever we chose to go with joy and abandon.

A New Era ov thee Magickal interpretation ov thee World and existing in it is couming. An interpretation in terms ov Will and Imagination fuelled by contact with intuition and instinct. 


Do you want to be part ov a world ov sleeping people?
Do you want to imbibe thee drug ov thee commonplace?
Will you be forever addicted to self-restriction?

Established orthodoxies and dogmas, conditioned interpretations ov living, regard thee material world as reality whilst pretending to deal with thee spirit or existence. They conceive and propagate evolution and thinking as purely physical, their control ov our lives and visions as sacrosanct.

Religion has privately altered to work from a position that accepts itself as totally discredited by science. All establishment modes ov control and affiliation, both religious and political, rely upon and revolve around unquestioning faith and dogma, unquestioning acceptance ov their inalienable right to assume professional responsibility for our actions upon their shoulders.

We are told we are weak, incapable ov grasping scale, afraid ov ourselves and desperate to push responsibility for all events in our lives onto them.
We are consistently trained to accept our corporeal existence as hopeless in itself, to becoum subservient to thee greater good.
We are perpetually conditioned, encouraged, and blackmailed into self-restriction into narrower and narrower perceptions ov ourselves, our own importance, our own potential and our own experience. We are trained to ignore thee evidence ov our senses and experience and to feel guilt when we glimpse sense derived visions ov ourselves as free spirits.

Thee voluntary relinquishing ov responsibility for our lives and actions is one ov thee greatest enemies ov our time.

Our enemies are flat.
Our enemies are three-dimensional.
Our enemies are continuity and coherence.
Our enemies are restriction and confinement.
Our enemies are guilt and fear.
Our enemies are material.
Our enemies are direction and fact.
Our enemies are Because.

We are not seeking followers, we are seeking collaborators, Individuals for a visionary Psychick alliance. 


What we suggest next is not instruction. It is method. A method which can be used by anyone, alone or with friends, regardless ov any material or social circumstances. A method to be used by thee individual to break through to their deeper consciousness, where fantasies ambitions and real wishes reside, thee place where all dreams meet.

People can most readily identify and relate to dreams that are sexual, and that is thee primary reason for our choice ov sex as a vehicle for this method to begin with. Our interest is therefore practical.

In our experience, although they might deny it, most people never ask themselves what they really want, or simply say they don't know. But it is only once a person has learned to identify their true desires in an imaginary perfect world, where guilt and retribution are suspended, that they can hope to reach them. 


Ov all thee things that people do, at home and in private, usually with close friends, sex alone is subject to extraordinary interference and control from outside forces. This is no accident. They recognise its power. Even if only for a few moments, Individuals can release a power and energy from within that renders any system ov society, or regime, meaningless. It is a liberator. Even an individual in solitary confinement can indulge in it and in their fantasies travel into any situation and possibility unfettered, and, at thee moment ov orgasm itself, be both blissfully vulnerable and undeniably free, elsewhere, filled with energy.

Accordingly from thee moment ov birth, pressure is exerted upon everyone to limit their release and enjoyment ov this power. To limit and restrict thee immense potential all ov us were born with, into narrow and non-threatening forms ov behaviour, sexual and otherwise.

Ov course thee nature ov this pressure varies by place and era. When specific laws becoum unenforceable for a time, more subtle methods are used; social attitudes, anxiety, guilt, fear ov ridicule and failure are all exploited, and diseases that attack only those who indulge in specific sexual activities are introduced. Most give in to this pressure in one way or another, permanently crippling their individual growth.

We believe that it is essential, if we are to survive and progress, that we first recognise, accept and ultimately reach our true sexual desires. This not only satisfies thee body and consolidates thee spirit, but acts as an example for all our goals in every area ov life, and attacks at thee root ov control. Control begins with sexuality, so it seems crucial to begin at this universally applicable point and develop our awareness from there.

In our culture people have internalised alienating stereotypes which dictate their sexual and social interactions. This makes men agreeable to orders ov authority figures and keeps women in line with accepted notions ov propriety and authority and binds up their sexual desire so that they will accept a generally subordinate role to men. Thee latter is propagated by those who are empowered by thee patriarchal lineage which has been handed down through thee ages, whose fear ov thee unknown, - in this case women and feminine characteristics, has been countered by a bulwark ov dogma which aims at controlling and/or degrading all those forces which they see as a threat to their reign.

By studying thee oppression ov women through thee ages we can see in a nutshell thee nature, methods and manifestations ov oppressions it is used in any society in any age against those who are pro-life and expanding.

But on a broad scale encompassing both sexes, thee repression ov sexual instincts functions to make people submissive and inclined to irrational behaviour and thus paralyses their rebellious potential. On a deeply personal level where we enter thee domain ov such energies which might be called 'magickal', thee effect ov such conditioning is no less significant. Psychick energy and sexual energy are different names for thee same force: by ridding ourselves ov restrictions and thee forms ov control which have been imposed on us we can coum into our own on more planes than one.

Most initiates ov thee Temple believe there is a power and effect released by an orgasm, focused through Will, that enhances not only thee chances ov Self-fulfilment and contentment but also thee achievement ov creative goals: that thee strength ov this process forces thee hand ov chance and brings closer thee object ov your desire. 


Throughout history man has used ritual to achieve spiritual results from simple physical actions. Recently its use has been limited to established religious dogmas, and since many if not all ov these have fallen into disrepute or have coum to be seen as irrelevant, so too has thee use ov ritual, but its use is far older and far more universal than any organised church.

Any ritual is a way ov concentrating and focusing those taking part on a particular aim or idea. It is essential only that thee techniques employed have meaning and vitality for thee participants. Seen without this belief, as many recorded rituals ov thee past are now, thee process can seem simply ridiculous, and thee mechanical repetition ov them certainly would be.

Initiates ov thee Temple ov Psychick Youth have developed personal methods or rituals, not only to strengthen and refine their inner objectives, both sexual and practical, but also to provide a fertile basis for those objectives to grow and becoum real.

Although we have no vested interest in others following this example, or contacting thee Temple, it is possible that some people may wish to do so. Below are instructions on how to do this. Many people feel unwilling or unable to put our suggestions into practice, due to thee effectiveness ov social conditioning. Thee Temple will only draw initiates from those who can demonstrate in thee manner indicated their resistance to this conditioning, and their commitment to thee ideas ov thee Temple. 


This ritual should be performed alone, on thee 23rd ov thee month, beginning at 2300 hours, in a place where you will have no interruptions or distractions. Within thee limits ov what is practical, you should arrange thee environment and atmosphere to be as conducive as possible to thee execution ov this Sigil for yourself.

If at all possible a candle should be thee only source ov light.
This Sigil must be performed naked.

One ov thee aims ov thee ritual is to concentrate your attention and energy on your most intense sexual fantasy. To do this you must first decide what it is and write it down on a piece ov paper. It should be what you think would generate in you thee maximum possible excitement, pleasure and fulfilment, regardless ov thee identity, sex or age ov those who take part with you, alive and guiltless. It is essential to be completely honest with yourself, and not write something because you think it might satisfy other people - remember thee purpose ov thee Sigil is to really make these things happen.

Once you have written thee fantasy on thee piece ov paper, you have to make thee paper special. To do this it must be touched by thee three liquids ov thee body. That is, spit, blood, and OV, which is thee Temple name for thee fluids obtained by masturbation - semen from thee male and lubrication from thee female.

For example, first let a few drops ov spit fall onto thee page, next a few drops ov blood. You must use some kind ov sharp and clean instrument to do this. Remember only a small quantity is required and you should use your common sense in terms ov thee method employed and ov hygiene both before and afterwards.

Lastly, and in any way that is most pleasurable to you, bring yourself to orgasm and allow thee OV to touch thee paper. While you are doing this concentrate not only on thee inscribed fantasy but also on thee idea ov thee Temple and that fact that doing this sigil is inevitably bringing you closer to what you really want. You must then attach a lock ov hair from your head and also some ov your pubic hair to thee paper. Remember these 2 hair types and 3 liquids may be incorporated on thee Sigil Paper in any manner that feels appropriate to thee thoughts thereon described. Thee basic actions outlined above should not be seen as a limitation.

Leave thee Sigil Paper overnight to dry in a safe place. On thee next day send it to thee Station. You do not have to attach your name to thee Sigil Paper if you don't want to. All submission to thee Temple will remain at all times absolutely confidential, and will be stored in a locked vault. Sigils must be sent in a plastic baggie or wrapper. Completion ov 23 such monthly rituals qualifies one as a full initiate ov thee Temple. Applicants must also fill out and submit thee Consent  form.

Temple Ov Psychick Youth (TOPY)
PMB 145
4000 SE 82nd Ave, Suite 1000
Portland, OR 97266

Please include an email address with any Sigil submissions or information requests! Also, a courtesy message to thee
Station Coordinator to thee effect that there is a mail submission/request will greatly expidite processing/replies as
otherwise Snailmail is answered quarterly.

[NOTE: If you decide to do this Sigil, thee responsibility rests entirely with you. You will gain from it, not thee Temple. Thee Temple can not accept any claims against it, arising from thee consequences ov thee Sigil or any related matters. Thee Sigil can only be recommended to those who have reached thee legal age ov consent in thee country in which they live.] 


Thee Sigil ov three liquids encoumpasses thee essence ov thee practical methods we employ; but it should be remembered that everything we say is only a guide to further experimentation and not a dictate to be followed blindly in faith. Thee Temple is not about instruction, thee giving ov set patterns and modes ov behaviour to follow, for that way no one learns anything, there is no progress, no interchange ov ideas and l-ov-e.

To slavishly follow ideas set out on a plate is to abdicate responsibility, to lose one's individuality in favour ov an easy, but doubtful answer. This may seem hard to those who feel uneasy about how to proceed, who are used to doing just what they are told and no more, but that is thee point.

Thee Temple is about getting rid ov those attitudes which ultimately lead to indifference, getting rid ov thee fear ov experimentation and genuine exploration; instead our methods create in thee individual a precise knowledge ov their own existence, desires, and capabilities in thee most creative and positive light possible. And they force thee acceptance of an attitude ov living that will reflect that knowledge in a directly practical way.

It is only by embracing their individuality that thee Individual can truly coum to thee understanding and fulfilment ov their goals. Anything else is pointless, a waste ov energy, a misdirection ov purpose. So what we are saying is that while thee basic format is one that can be used by anyone, it is also one that requires absolutely thee direct and personal input ov thee Individual to be wholly and perfectly effective. Specific details should and can only be arrived at by you. And they can include or exclude anything that we have said: intent is all; and an ability to focus on thee goal.

Sigils serve as a direct means to make what you want to happen more likely to happen. But they are quite different from systems based on faith and false promises. They cannot guarantee anything; they can only help release thee potential that already exists within. And as it is a system for thee Individual there is no right or wrong way: what is right for one person may be entirely inappropriate for another. Therefore thee method is one that must be developed personally, so that thee Sigil as performed by you is something wholly ov your own making, reflecting your own personalities and experiences.

We offer only guidance and encouragement, not instructions and rules to obey. We leave those to thee Controllers, thee ones who seek to generate uniformity ov thought, and who strive to create a passive and compliant populace thinking along rigid and conditioned lines, unable to take responsibility for their own lives and actions.

We are sickened by thee negative attitudes ov right and wrong that are promulgated in thee mass media: that if you do this you cannot do that; if you think this, you cannot think that. It is a system that destroys thee Individual; destroys thee ability to think, to question, to force thee hand ov chance; destroys thee will to live according to who you really are and not according to who they say you are.
Sigils break down this conditioning, awakening thee possibility ov change and experimentation, giving back thee joy ov a life rich in experience and challenge. Sigils are as much about learning as anything else. Not only learning thee method that works for you, but also learning who it is you really are, what it is you really want. A result ov this is that it may take some time before you discover thee method ov working that is best for you, and you may find that thee results ov your Sigils are not as expected. This is not thee result ov getting it wrong, it is thee natural response caused by thee first steps on a road ov discovery.

For example, things may not happen in thee order you had expected, or they may take a different form. Thee identity ov thee people involved may be unexpected. But if you examine thee results ov your work closely and honestly you will find that these differences, these moves away from thee preconceived, reflect thee true aim hidden within thee Sigil, thee underlying qualities ov it.

Thee reason for this is that your conscious image is not thee real object ov your desire; thee conscious wish, after all, being subject to thee conditioned responses thee Sigil is designed to break down. Thee results are often more expansive than you could have dreamed, more radical than you would have consciously dared hope. Put simply, what you expect is not always what you really want. And what you think you want is not always what your really want.

Our concern is with thee Individual in thee modern world. Accordingly our methods are designed to meet thee circumstances that prevail today. They are not Occult in thee way that word is usually understood, only thee intuitive use ov that which we already know directed with purpose. It is a maximisation ov thee powers ov thee brain, a joining together ov conscious and subconscious will so that through thee use ov Sigils thee Individual can move towards a desired goal free from thee constraint ov confused ideals and personal contradictions.

Unlike much that is called Occult we do not rely on dogma, mystification, references to orthodoxy, or thee mimicking ov previously effective but now redundant ritual rules. We believe that thee strength needed is already living in each ov us. It is simply that we need to see clearly and act on that vision. Naturally, this vision will be fiercely personal, not thee dictate ov some other who tries to impose their will on thee Individual, who leaves nothing to chance and tells us that dissent from thee common ground is a sin.

A great deal ov energy is wasted on arguing over thee validity ov much that falls under thee general heading ov "Occult", whether things are real or imagined. Much ov thee evidence to date is confusing, partial or fabricated to meet a given need. It is better by far to accept "occult" experiences as they occur, to recognise and interpret them personally without trying to fit them into a pre-defined system.

Thee Sigil strengthens basic human skills, reawakens thee intuitive understanding ov thee relationships between events, breaks down linear modes ov thought that offer only tunnel vision and answers that are defined in thee question itself. Thee Temple believes that thee best judge ov truth is experience, combined with an attitude that engenders a discriminating eye hampered neither by prejudice nor fear.

Thee Sigil is thee internal working ov thee brain, externalised; thee manifestation ov inclusive will directed outward to positive action.


Thee first lesson from which all other grow is thee simplest. We are mortal. We all die. This is not a morbid wallowing in hopelessness. It is thee ability to genuinely coum to terms with our physical transience that liberates us all. Many visionary philosophical systems include 'The Small Death' in their ideas under one name or another.

We all die. This realisation truly assimilated can be turned to positive use, in that it spurs one into action aware at all time is limited and no life span is certain. Every second counts and must count. This realisation can also be used unproductively, crippling an individual man or woman's search for fulfilment ov all their needs and preventing for all their life a complete integration ov every aspect ov their character and thoughts.

Thee inevitability ov death can be used by outside forces as a weapon to create fear. Religions use this weapon more blatantly than any other suppressive social regulation systems. They use fear ov death to justify Faith. Those who escape thee traps ov Religion through a first stage cynical knowledge ov thee hypocrisy ov modern society and thee emasculation ov their individual power to change anything often seek oblivion form this knowledge, and so they use various drugs (tobacco, alcohol, tranquillisers and opiates like heroin) as a substitute for Faith. They want to kill time. Religion wants to side-step time. Both are actions based on Fear.

Mankind spends a constant amount ov energy in self-preservation. Thee very phrase 'self-preservation' implies a threat ov annihilation and is triggered by fear ov death. So in a very real sense fear ov death is present behind all normal functioning, it resides permanently in thee subconscious, moulding our image ov ourselves in relation to an inevitable, inexorable crisis ov death. But fear ov death could not be constantly present in our day to day conscious mental functioning, this would be an intolerable burden, as things are, but to behave 'normally' thee biological organism, thee animal man represses its knowledge ov death to acquire comfort.

As things are, so must they change. So we are all socially and biologically conditioned to put away our fear ov death yet in a real paradox we becoum too efficiently oblivious to this fear in our conscious life. Thee Temple tries to reconcile all our consciousness. To do this embraces thee knowledge ov our own inevitable death with courage and uses it to justify action and thee proper use ov time.

In actual fact, none ov us know how much time we have, when we do die it ought to be with Zero Regret. Zero regret is thee magickal state ov inner balance and calm acceptance ov thee mortality ov individuals and thee use ov Zero Regret to channel all future action. Thee prefect state is to be sure that no time is wasted, no energy repressed and no fear hidden. In old language, we must experience thee small death ov literally facing ourselves and thee reality ov a temporary metabolism, a limit on time. Time can be a tool, a liberator, or an oppressor. When we claim time back for ourselves we are at last learning to be free and effective. Control needs time like a junkie needs junk. To escape control we must re-embrace our given time.

Initially thee human being has no apparent alternative but to succumb to a negative appreciation ov death. To feel fear. Thee brain is genetically programmed to survival and will not allow itself to believe that it shall cease to exist. Thus, as we have already seen, thee subconscious mind will seduce thee intellect into ignoring logic and fact, a condition bordering upon hopelessness. It will ignore thee lessons ov experience and observation in favour ov an inherited image ov existence and thee affect ov fear will be repressed. He will immediately becoum vulnerable to a desire for Hope that bypasses confronting his subconscious knowledge. Religion thrives upon this. It requires only an act ov blind faith in exchange for guaranteed Hope and salvation. It denies death and avoids thee facts.

In short, Religion turns away from thee truth, thee Temple turns towards it. If you face yourself, you face death and in this way only can you re-integrate your entire character and all ov its levels ov consciousness and perception. This cannot be stressed too much or too often. So in Religions all practical thought must be swept aside in a flood ov faith. Answers becoum word, and facts becoum sins.

This thing Faith is thee foundation ov all Religious thought. So powerful, yet fragile that Faith must be protected. Protected from doubt, protected from questions, it is seen as a constant that will not even tolerate thought. It causes, its real essence, death, are so entrenched in everyone's mind that it has becoum thee basis ov every society, and so every society has developed a system to protect it. Dogma.

Thee equation, simplified, goes something like this: Dogma negates thought. Thought is thee enemy ov Faith (therefor thee enemy ov Society). Individual thought patterns are discouraged in order to preserve Faith inviolate, to thus preserve Society, to preserve thee status quo and thee vested interests ov thee keepers ov Faith and Dogma. It is in this web that Religion meets Politics and they reinforce each other in a web ov deceit. Those in Power have a personal interest in channelling individual thought down safe unthreatening avenues geared to thee production ov materials and services that are to thee 'benefit' ov society, ov a 'Greater Good'.

In other words you sacrifice your time and your time is your most precious commodity. When you take yourself back it becoums priceless. People are deflected from thee theft ov their Time and trained to produce and consume instead ov how to be engaged in their habitat and ideas. Politics organises, Religion directs.

"From a child ov five to an adult is a short step.
From a new-born baby to a child ov five is an appalling distance."

Religion invades thee child's world. A child without guilt is thus given guilt. A child without fear is thus given fear. Thee only salvation offered is through Faith. Faith, it is suggested, ends death. Thee price ov cheating death through Faith is, ov course, submission.

People who are not satisfied with this situation, people who want proofs, who wish to develop a system without guilt and fear that absorbs and uses death as a positive and liberating knowledge are discouraged, ridiculed, treated with suspicion and often deliberately misrepresented in thee media. They are after all, a threat to Society to some degree, they strike at thee core ov thee trick that controls us and so in a real sense they are dangerous.

Thee Temple Ov Psychick Youth is dedicated to thee re-acquisition by individuals ov their allotted time. It encourages, it does not discourage, it stands as an example ov what is possible. To be involved is to becoum very special. With thee passage ov history, Society's control over Individuals is so subtle it becoums imperceptible, perhaps even genetically inherited. Its very power lies in thee face that even its figureheads and leaders do not realise its processes. Control is invisible. Time is invisible. Control is so able to shroud an individual's perception ov reality in trivia as to becoum a uniform reality in itself. A reality that cannot ask itself questions. That cannot even formulate a language capable ov setting questions that might reveal thee truth.

In an age ov collapse and transition we must find a language. A way out ov thee corner donated to us by history. Thee human brain must develop, becoum thee next step in evolution. It is simply; develop our latent neurological power or truly die as a species. It is a war for survival.

Through experiment, through exploration ov these latent powers, by visionary use ov science and technology, and by thee integration ov experience, observation and expression we must revere ourselves.

A reality that cannot face itself becoums an illusion. Cannot be real. We must reject totally thee concept and use ov Faith, that sham. We must emasculate Religion. Thee 'Universe ov Magick' is within thee mind ov mankind, thee setting is but an illusion even to thee thinker.

Thee Temple is committed to building a modern network where people are given back pride in themselves, where destruction becoums a laughable absurdity to a brain aware ov its infinite and immeasurable potential.

Thee Temple is committed to triggering thee next evolutionary cycle in order to save this flawed but loveable animal man.

Thee Temple is committed to developing a modern functional and inspiring magickal structure engendering at long last thee completely integrated and effective individual. And this network ov individuals is in turn inevitably faced with a task ov action to communicate survival and social evolution to others.

We are thee first truly non-aligned and non-mystical philosophy.

Fear breeds Faith. Faith uses Fear. Reject Faith, reject Fear, reject Religions and reject Dogma.

Learn to cherish yourself, appreciate intuition and instinct, Learn to love your questions. Value your Time. Use mortality to motivate action and a caring, compassionate and concentrated life. 


Involvement in thee Temple Ov Psychick Youth requires an active individual, dedicated towards thee establishment ov a functional system ov magick and a modern pagan philosophy without recourse to mystification, gods or demons; but recognising thee implicit powers ov thee human brain (neuromancy) linked with guiltless sexuality focused through Will Structure (Sigils).

Magick empowers thee individual to embrace and realise their dreams and maximise their natural potential. It is for those with thee courage to touch themselves. It integrates all levels ov thought in thee first steps towards final negation ov control and fear.


Thee Temple has noticed various assertions and misleading claims appearing in fanzines and thee press, made by certain personalities, designed to imply a false interpretation ov our motives, intentions and internal affairs. These people often feel a need for self-justification and are motivated by concern with their own self esteem and self-image. Equally beware ov these people's attempts to ingratiate themselves and appear friendly. Whilst thee Temple attempts never to enter into a public discussion ov its policies and decisions, and indeed tries to allow thee maximum retaining ov pride and saving ov face by any Individuals expelled, nevertheless thee Temple has in its files documentation to back up its own version ov any such actions, should thee need arise. We try to be fair, we try to leave people self-respect, we try to make it easy for Them to adjust to being expelled. If our silence and our fairness are seen a weakness and abused, or exploited to damage us all, then we will change our passive tactics to those ov protection through active truth.

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