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With thee increased strength ov thee Temple, both in experience and numbers, a considerable amount ov directed energy is being released within a common framework. We know from our own experiences that this combined energy is highly potent, and that it brings individual Sigilisers into close psychick contact in thee knowledge that we are all active, working within thee Temple with a unity ov purpose. Thee recognition ov this - that we are each a part ov a united network ov exchange - serves to further promote individual work and development. It is vital for thee continued growth ov thee Temple to act upon this realisation, to share experiences, ideas and methods.

Thee exchange ov information through active participation in thee network ov Access Points helps each ov us, and provides thee opportunity for positive inter-action. We are all Individuals, butter it is in a modern tribal framework that we progress. We separate ourselves from thee flatness ov everyday life by our choice + acknowledge our Individuality, and by our coumitment to it, and we firm thee truth that nothing is beyond our capabilities when we work together. Thee tribe exists everywhere, butter it is invisible to those who don't know how to see. We can use this to our advantage, and promote our ideas and aims through thee subtlest ov means, or by outrage and shock. We can melt away and reappear as we will. We can evade attack by seeing clearly. We can strengthen ourselves with discipline.

Sigils generate thee confidence for coumitment to Individuality by showing each ov us who we are; and that, once known, is something that can never be taken away. They bring thee strength and determination necessary to becoum wholly alive, and thus to accept full responsibility for our own actions. This is thee freedom we strive for: thee freedom to reject thee dictates ov dogma and fashion in any and every sphere ov life. Thee freedom to be true to our deepest desires. Sigils enable us to overcoum thee debilitating comfort ov habit, to accept new challenge as a friend, to live a life rich in experience and unencumbered by thee negative attitude ov others to change. Life becoums fluid, a continual transformation ov colour, energised with magickal purpose.

Inevitably there are as many views about Sigils as there are Individuals working with them, and it is our intention that just as thee Sigil process should remain fluid, reflecting thee Individual, so will this book remain fluid, reflecting thee Temple as it develops and grows. Thee process ov transformation is never coumplete, and whilst this edition can be no more than a snapshot ov thee moment, there is nothing that says we cannot add to thee album. In this way we will draw closer to each other, inter-acting so that we avoid thee dilution ov our efforts which could result from an active/passive split.

Thee Temple is a place for thee active. It is about sharing, working together and for each other. We all have valuable gifts to offer, and personal experiences to relate. We are asking, therefore, that you write and tell us ov your ideas and feelings about your Sigil work: how they affect you personally; thee technical process ov working Individually developed; parallels and differences with other methods, both occult and psychological; insights gained from Sigils, both personal and relating to thee wider society and its obsessions. We want your thoughts, essays, criticism, encouragement - in fact anything that you would like to see in a future expanded edition ov Thee Sigils Book.

Thee Temple's main weapon in overcouming thee insidious hand ov control is our internal exchange ov information, and thee external expansion ov propaganda in thee Information War. It is selfish to keep things to ourselves. By exchanging ideas within thee Temple network we can each develop faster, making thee necessary connections to help remove all unwanted obstacles. Together we will Rise. In Strength. In L-ov-e. In Unity.


For those who are new to thee Temple we should explain that thee Sigil materialand documentation you send is filed only under your Temple name, which allSigilising members receive, and that this name should be used in all futurecorrespondence. All so-called "real names" have been removed fromthese files for mutual protection. We request thee date in order to documentthee chronology and development ov thee material you send in. Your Sigilswill remain private at all times.