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It is significant of the movement of thought in our time that, although the previous works of Rudolf Steiner, Ph.D. Vienna, such as his penetrating and suggestive "Erkenntniss Theorie" (Theory of Knowledge), his works in the field of philosophy such as "Wahrheit and Wissenschaft" (Truth and Science), and his volumes on the natural science of Goethe, are well known in Germany, it is another class of books by him, "Die Mystik" (Mysticism), "Das Christentum als Mystische Tatsache" (Christianity as a Fact in Mysticism), and his distinctively theosophic writings, which are the first to be called for by foreign readers in their own language.

This work, though now appearing for the first time in English dress, has not only passed into three editions in Germany, but has been translated into Russian, Swedish, Dutch, Czechish, and Italian, while a French translation is being prepared.

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It were perhaps well to mention that in

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this work the words "know" and "knowledge," when used in reference to the supersensible worlds, involve actual experience of them gained by man through his higher organs of perception.

The names chosen by the author to describe the higher bodies of man, and other theosophic facts, have been, as far as possible, retained here. Readers will find that they revert with primitive strength to the ancient power of names, and are word pictures and also mnemonics of what they represent. They thus constitute distinct forces too valuable to be withheld from the English reading public.

Grateful acknowledgment must be expressed here to I. M. M. for her chivalrous help—which indeed made this translation possible—and to others who have rendered invaluable and willing assistance.

E. D. S.

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