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Numbers, Their Occult Power and Mystic Virtues, by W. Wynn Westcott, [1911], at

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The 14 days of Burial, in the Master's degree: 14 parts into which the body of Osiris was divided: a type of Christ, sacrificed on the 14th day of the month: an amulet of 14 points has been used to cure the sick.

There are 14 Books of the Apocrypha; they were written originally in Greek, never in Hebrew. An Israelite had to partake of 14 meals in the Booth during the Feast of Tabernacles.

The Israelites killed the Paschal Lamb on the 14th day of the Month Nisan.

In Matthew, chap. i., we find the genealogy of Jesus recited in three series of 14 names, the first under Patriarchs and judges, the second under kings, and the third under priests and governors.

The ancient physicians considered that the 14th day was the crisis of fevers.

The Moon waxes and wanes, each for 14 days.

15 was the number of Pairs of The Æons, or Holy Principles in the Gnostic scheme of Valentinus.

15 is the number by Gematria of the 8th Sephira Hod, Hud.

There were 15 steps in the Temple between the ante-court of Israel and the Women's Court, and in these were sung the 15 Psalms of Degrees; Psalms cxx.–cxxxiv. 15 is the number of Jah, a name of God; so the Jews who wrote letters for numbers, never wrote JH, 10, 5, for 15, but TV, 9, 6 15.

The great day of joyful recreation for Jewish Maidens

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was the 15th day of the month Ab. The Deluge covered the hills to the depth of 15 cubits.

A Jewish boy in the olden time was ordered to begin the study of the Gemara when 15 years of age.

16 means Felicity; a square number. There are 16 Court Cards in a Tarot pack.

17. In the treatise "De Iside et Osiride," Plutarch says Osiris was killed on the 17th day of the moon, and hence when the moon was at the full—and from that reason the Egyptians abominate the number 17, and so did the Pythagoreans—they called in Antiphraxis (obstruction), because it falls between the square number 16 and the oblong number 18.

18 was deemed a protection against thieves.

18. Isaiah made 18 denunciations against Israel. At 18 years of age a girl should go to the Nuptial Canopy. The Golden Candlestick of the Temple was 18 hands-breadths tall. There are 18 Blessings in the Hebrew Liturgy. There were only 18 High Priests during the existence of the First or Solomonic Temple at Jerusalem.

19. The number 19 is famous as being the number of years in the Metonic Cycle; the cycle of the revolutions of the moon, after which she returns to have her changes on the same day of the solar year. Meto lived 433 B.C.; he was an Athenian; he published his discovery at the Olympic Games in the above year. The exact period is, however, 18 years and to days. The Calippic period of four cycles, or seventy-six years, was invented by Calippus, B.C. 330, to correct Meto. John Heydon says that the number 19 facilitates births and menses.

20. The Kiddushin, 29. 2, says God may curse a man who does not marry at least when 20 years old, for his life is a constant transgression. A woman marrying before 20 may bear children up to sixty; at 20 until forty, and after forty will have none. Bava Bathra, 119. 2. To die after 20 days’ diarrhœa is to die pure.

21. A hen sits 21 days, and the Almond is ripe 21 days after the flower falls.

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22 Letters of the Hebrew Alphabet, used also as numerals. The realization of a good Dream may be deferred 22 years. Berachoth, 55. 2.

From the Works of Hermes Trismegistus are abstracted 22 axioms on the Human Will; they can be found in Tukaram Tatya's "Guide to Theosophy," Bombay, 1887.

There are 22 Trumps in a pack of ancient Tarot Cards, used for Divination; Eliphaz Lévi, in his "Clef des Mystères," says that the numbers 1 to 19 refer to the Keys of Occult Science, and that numbers 19 to 22 are the Keys of Nature: the relation of letters to these are nowhere correctly printed in books.

23. In the Sanhedrin 23 judges were required to try cases punishable by death.

23. This day of September is notable because the moon which comes to the full within a fortnight of it is called the harvest moon, which rises three days in succession at the same time, instead of getting daily later.

24 is an evil number, referring to Cain, Qin, but not of his numeration, which is 100 + 10 + 50 =160, or else 100 + 10 + 700 = 810.

24. There are 24 birds unclean as food; 24 ribs both in man and woman.

26. The number of Jehovah, IHVH, 10 + 5 + 6 + 5.

26. In the English language, which uses 26 letters, it is found that the letters occur in very different proportions. In a fair example of modern English it has been calculated that the proportion between the frequency of the use of the letters was, of a, 85; b, 16; c, 30; d, 44; e, 120; f, 25; g, 17; h, 64; i, 80; j, 4; k, 8; 1, 40; m, 30; n, 80; o, 80; p, 17; q, 5; r, 62; s, 80; t, 90; u, 34; v, 12; w, 20; x, 4; y, 20; and z, 2.

27. The number of the Izeds or Angels who ruled under the supervision of the Seven Amshaspands of the Zoroastrian theology.

28. A division of the Zodiac into 28 mansions of the moon, was probably earlier than the solar division into 12

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parts. The names and symbols can be obtained in Sanskrit and in Arabic. Proctor believes that Solar Astronomy of the 12 signs arose about 2170 B.C., in a country of about 36 degrees of north latitude, and at a period when Taurus was the first constellation of the Zodiac.

29. The Rosh Hashanha says the period of the Moon's Revolution is 29 days and six hours and forty minutes.

30. A meal of Lentils once in 30 days keeps off the Quinsy. At 30 years of age Jesus began his ministry; Joseph was 30 years old when he stood before Pharaoh; David was 30 years old when he began to reign; 30 pieces of silver was the price Judas received, and Jair had 30 sons.

31. The number of El, God = Al. 1 + 30.

31. Joshua did not complete the conquest of Canaan until he had slain 31 kings.

32. The number of the Paths of Wisdom, of the Sepher Yetzirah, being Io Sephiroth and 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet.

33. The years of the life of Jesus: King David reigned in Jerusalem 33 years: the number of vertebræ in the human spinal column.

35. The number of Agla, AGLA, a composite Kabalistic wonder-working name. See page 27.

36. Abaji said there are never less than 36 holy men of any generation upon whom the Shekinah does not rest.

36. Plutarch, "De Iside et Osiride," calls the Tetractys the power of the number 36, and on this was the greatest oath of the Pythagoreans sworn; and it was denominated the World, in consequence of its being composed of the first four even and the first four odd numbers; for 1 and 3 and 5 and 7 are 16; add 2 and 4 and 6 and 8, and obtain 36.

39. The number of Articles of the Protestant Christian Church belief.

40. Up to 40 years of age eating is best for a man, after 40 drinking suits best. He who has passed 40 days without an affliction has had his reward in this life.

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For 40 days the Flood lasted, for 40 days the spies searched the promised land, for 40 days Goliath challenged Israel, 40 days of Ezekiel's penitence, the Jews were 40 years in the Wilderness, 40 days of waiting before embalming the dead, Genesis 1. 3; for 40 days the woman's purification lasted after childbirth; for 40 days Moses fasted twice; for 40 days Elijah fasted, and for 40 days Jesus fasted in the Wilderness, and 40 days elapsed between the Resurrection and Ascension of Jesus. Moses was 40 years in Egypt, 40 in Midian, and 40 in the Wilderness. The Israelites were 40 years among the Philistines.

42 is notable because of the 42-lettered name of God, taught by the Kabalists: there were 42 Judges in the Judgment Hall of Osiris. See Bettany, "The World's Religions," p. 166, on the events of the 42nd day after death.

42. The Talmud of Babylon in Kiddushin 71, mentions the 42-lettered Name, and it is given by Ignatz Stern as composed of the Divine Names of the Bible; thus Eheieh asher eheieh, Al, Jah, Jehovah, Elohim, Jehovah Sabaoth, El Chai and Adonai. AHIH AShR AHIH; IH; IHVIH; AL; ALHIM; IHVH TzBAVT; AL ChI; ADNI, Or 4, 3, 4, 2, 5, 2, 5, 4, 5, 2, 2, 4 = 42.

It is very curious that the Ten Sephiroth which denote the attributes of God will show, when these letters are added together, and a V added for and before the last one, this same number 42; if Chesed be called Gedulah, as was common among Kabalists.

45. The number of Adam, Adm.

45. The world is preserved for the sake of 45 righteous persons. Chullin, 92.

48. There have been 48 prophets in Israel: 48 cities were assigned to the Levites.

49. Moses received 49 reasons for the cleanness and uncleanness of each thing: so says The Talmud.

50. The number of the Gates of Binah (Binh) the Understanding. The Kabalah states that even Moses only reached the 49th. See my "Sepher Yetzirah," Third Edition, 1911.

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58. Noah, Nch.

60. Aristotle stated that the Crocodile lives naturally 60 years, and sits 60 days on 60 eggs.

The Chinese have a time cycle of 60 years, and call it Kya-tse. The people of Malabar call this period Chi-tam.

60. The Talmud refers to 60 deadly drugs, and 60 sorts of wines; the sow bears her litter in 60 days.

6i. The number AIN, Negative existence of the Deity.

64. Aletheia, truth.

65. The number of Adonai, translated "Lord" (ADNI) and of Hs, Hes, keep silence.

67. The number of Binah, Supernal Mother, the 3rd Sephira.

70. The number of Sud, Sod, a secret doctrine and private assembly: the earliest name for the Kabalah: also Iin, Yayin, wine, also meant a secret.

70. The Rabbis considered that there were 70 nations, and Mordecai is said to have known 70 languages. The Jewish 70 years of the captivity are reckoned from their conquest by Nebuchadnezzar to the accession of Cyrus.

71. The number of the Members of the Sanhedrin.

72 has a large number of mystic references—to the 72 angels bearing the names of God—derived from Exodus xiv. 19, 20, 21, by the Kabalists; there is an important set of 72 pentacles which, placed in pairs, forms a series of 36 talismans (see Dr. Rudd, the Lemegeton, Harleian MSS.); it is also the number of Chesed (ChSD) the Sephira, Mercy.

72. It is said that Ptolemy, King of Egypt, collected 72 Hebrew Rabbis and confined each in a separate room, and ordered each to write out the Mosaic Law, and that by the help of God each wrote out the same words. Megillah of the Talmud, 9. 1.

This account is similar to that of Josephus and Aristæus, but different to that of Philo: hence the name Septuagint.

73. The number of Chokmah (ChKMH), Wisdom, the 2nd Sephira.

78. The number of cards in a Tarot pack: 40 numerals, r6 court cards and 22 Trumps.

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79. Boz, Boaz, the left-hand brazen Pillar at the entrance to Solomon's Temple.

80. The number of Yesod, foundation, 9th Sephira. 80. The venerable Rabbi Hillel had 80 pupils.

81. According to the Book of Rites of Chao Kung, B.C. 1112, an Emperor of China should have 3 concubines of the First rank, 9 of the Second, 27 of the Third and 81 of the Fourth Rank.

90. Ikin, Jachin, the right-hand Pillar of Solomon's Temple.

91 is the number of Amn and of Tetragrammaton Adonai (Ihvh, Adni).

96. According to Vitruvius the natural height of a typical adult man is 96 digits, which equalled 24 palms, or six feet.

99. The Mahometans have 99 names attributed to God.

100. This is the number of Mdvn, which means strife, and it is the beginning of 100 lawsuits.

The Jerusalem Talmud, Bava Metzia, 85. 1, says that Rabbi Zira fasted 100 times to enable him to forget the Talmud of Babylon, in favour of the Talmud of Jerusalem.

Obadiah was considered worthy to be called prophet, because he concealed 100 prophets in a cave.

103. The family of Herod Asmonæus ruled Jewry 103 years.

120. For 120 years the secret vault of Christian Rosenkreutz remained unopened, as he had ordered, 1484 to 1604.

The Shemaneh Esreh, the 18 Blessings, were composed by 120 Elders.

130. The Rabbis said that after the curse Adam fasted 130 years as a penance. This number is referred to Elijah, Alihv, and to the word prophet, Hnbia; these names number 120, add 10 to this, the number of letters. The Kabalists make a Mystical Square (rectangle) or Kamea of Alihv of 130 permutations; ten by thirteen.

152. The number of Maria, the Greek name for Mary the Virgin, being 40, 1, 100, 10, 1 =152.

153. The number of the great fishes caught in an unbroken net by the Apostles after the Resurrection.

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200. The number of the bones in the human body.

207. This is the number of Ain Suph, Ain Svp, the Boundless, and Aur, Avr, Light, and of Adonai Olam, Adni Ovlam, Lord of the Universe.

216. The cube of 6; 216 years, the period of the Pythagorean Metempsychosis.

221. The Cup of David in heaven contains 221 logs of wine: (about 20 gallons) says the Talmud.

231. The sum of the numbers 1 to 21, the Gates of the Sepher Yetzirah.

243. Circles of Zoir Anpin; the number of the permutations, without reversal of the Hebrew Letters. Kalisch.

248. There are 248 members of the body, says Talmud Eiruvin, 53. 2, and an anathema enters into all of them. The word ChRM, accursed, is 248, but so is RChM, Mercy.

252. It is said that the disciples of Rabbi Ishmael once dissected a low woman, and found she had 252 members; but it does not say what the extra ones were.

270. Worlds of the Idra Rabba, or Greater Holy Assembly.

271. The Talmud, in Niddah, says that the Hebrew woman's pregnancy lasted 271, 272 or 273 days.

280 days the term of natural pregnancy, human;-ten times the Lunar 28 day period.

284. The number of Theos, God, in Greek letters.

294. Ekklesia, The Church and Rodon, the Rose, and also Melchisedek, King of Salem.

300. Mithras.

300. The riches of Korah were so vast that it took 300 mules to carry them.

There were 300 sorts of devils in Sichin.

The Veil of the Temple required 300 priests to draw it aside, and 300 to cleanse it.

314. The number of Shaddai, ShDI and of Metatron, Mttrun.

318. Helios, the Sun.

345. This is the number of El Shaddai, AL ShDI, God Almighty; and of ShMH (Shemah), the Name of the Absolute God: also of MShH, Moses, and ShILH, Shiloh.

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358. The number of Messiah, Mshich and Nchsh nachash, the Serpent symbol of life.

364. The name Satan, the Shathan, H,shThN, contains 364, and all these days of each year he can tempt man, but not on the 365th, the Day of Atonement.

365. The Greek numeration of Abraxas, a Gnostic talismanic word.

365. Days of the year, Negative Jewish precepts, Dukes of Babylon, and Streets in the City of Rome.

370. Directions of the thought of Microprosopus. See Idra Rabba, 5. 537.

373. Logos.

375. ShLMH, Solomon.

394. There were this number of law-courts in the Jerusalem of the kingdom period.

400. The body of Joseph was carried 400 miles to burial. David is said to have had a guard of 400 young men who rode in golden chariots at the head of his army.

410. The First Temple stood ¢Io years, and the Second Temple 420.

474. The number of Daath, Dot, Secret Wisdom, the union of Chokmah and Binah.

496. The number of Malkuth (Mlkt), the Kingdom, the 10th Sephira.

500. Kosmos.

543. The number of the mystic name Aheie asher Aheie, "I am that I am" (AHIH AShR AHIH).

550. ShMIR, the Shamir, the magical insect which cut the stones for Solomon's Temple.

608 is a very notable number, representing the Sun. Martianus Capella, of the 5th century, says: "The Sun is called in Italy the 'God Sol'; at the Nile, Serapis; at Memphis, Osiris; he is also Attis; Adonis at Byblos; and Ammon in Libya; also Typhon, Mithras, and Pluto; his holy name is of 3 letters, which number 608." In Chaldee and Hebrew 608 is Cham, or Ham (ChM), which also means, "heat." In Greek Y.H.S. from U.H.S. = 400 + 8 + 200 = 608. Tyre, TRCh, is also an example of 608.

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612. Zeus.

613. The words Moses our Rabbi, MShH RBINU; and Lord God of Israel, IHVH ALHI IshRL both number by Gematria 613. The 613 Precepts of the Jewish law were delivered to Moses. David, it is said, reduced them to eleven, and Isaiah to six, and later to two. Habakkuk to One, viz., The just shall live by Faith. 613 also refers to the holy garment which had 600 fringes, eight threads and five knots.

620. The number of Kether, KTR, the Crown, or 1st Sephira.

622 years from the Christian era is the date of the Hegira, or flight of Mahomet from Mecca, from which year the Mahometans reckon their calendar.

632 years A.D. is the foundation of the Persian mode of reckoning years, from their king Yezdegird.

640 is Shemesh, the Sun, ShMSh; Mem is water; place the three letters one above the other, and we get Sh, fire, sun, rising above and sinking below the waters.

646. The total numeration of Elohim, or Aleim ALHIM, being 1 + 30 + 5 + 10 + 600; or avoiding the use of final Mem, we get 1 + 30 + 5 + 10 + 40; neglecting the tens 1 + 3 + 5 + 1 + 4, and placing these figures in a circle, we get the sequence 3.1415, notable as the value of π, or the relation of a diameter to circumference of every circle. Elohim is both a singular and a plural word.

650 has been referred by Godfrey Higgins to Noah, Menes, and Bacchus. Noah, in Hebrew, is NVCh or 64.

651 Teletai, the Greek Ancient Mysteries and Epistëmë—Science.

666 is the pet number of Godfrey Higgins, as referred to Rasit (Rsvt), 200 + 60 + 6 + 400, which he insists means Wisdom—or as most believe—Beginning or Principle: The first words of Genesis are be-rasit, In the beginning.

666. The number of the Beast, the number of a Man, has been associated with Satan, Mahomet, the Pope and a hundred others. It is also the number of Svrt, the Hebrew word for the Sun. It occurs in Revelations xiii. 18.

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666 is also the diameter of a circle whose circumference is 2093, which is the diagonal of a square whose sides are 1480, the number of Christos. It is also the sum of the numbers 1 to 36. It is also the number of Syënë in Greek, a place in Egypt at which, if a pit be dug, said Eratosthenes, the rays of the Sun at the Summer Solstice shine perpendicularly into it.

700. The Talmud says there are 700 species of fishes, and in Eiruvin, 18. 1, it says that God plaited Eve's hair into 700 braids.

753 B.C. The founding of the City of Rome.

753. The number alike of Abram with Sarai 243 and 510, and of Abraham with Sarah 248 and 505, the change which led to parenthood.

780. Ophis—serpent, and Sophia—wisdom.

Sol is the number of alpha and omega, 1 + 800, the Peristera or Dove, vehicle of the Holy Ghost; being 80 + 5 + 100 + 10 + 200 + 300 + 5 + 100 + 1 =801.

813 is the numeration of Ararita, a very important Kabalistic word, its letters being collected from the initials of the sentence, "One principle of his unity, one beginning of his individuality, his vicissitude is one," or so it is rendered by S. L. Mathers.

831. Puramis, a pyramid and Phallos.

888. The number of Iesous, Jesus, the great contrast with 666, the number of the Beast.

891. Uranus, ουρανος—Heaven.

903. The Talmud in Berachoth, 8. 1, says that there are 903 kinds of Death, for by Gematria of the word Tutzaut, which means "outlets" see Psalm lxviii. 20; this number is obtained, thus T, 400: V, 6: Tz, 90: A, 1: V, 6: T, 400 = 903. Death by the Divine kiss is the Euthanasia; death from quinsy is said to be the worst form, a sort of suffocation long drawn out.

950. According to Genesis ix. v. 29 Noah lived 950 years. The great ages given in the book of Genesis to the patriarchs have long been a cause of doubt: recent researches by a Hebrew scholar have led to the opinion that these high

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numbers did not mean our solar years, but years of five months of thirty days, and perhaps the earliest year was only one month. David spoke of 70 years as the length of human life; there was no such long period between Noah and David as could reduce human life by eleven-twelfths.

974. There were this number of generations from the writing of the Law by the Holy One before he created Man in the World.

999. At the Judgment, although there be 999 who condemn a man, he shall be saved if One plead for him.

1000. The 1000-headed serpent is Sesha or Ananta, the Hindoo emblem of eternity.

1000. The daughter of Pharaoh, whom Solomon married, told him of 1000 forms of musical instruments and taught him the chants for all the idols. 1000 is the cube of Ten, a symbol of perfection.

Potiphar's wife tempted Joseph with 1000 talents of silver, when her personal charms failed to move him.

The thickness of the earth's crust is 1000 ells: below this is an abyss of 15,000 ells. Succah, 53. 2.

If you have a secret, tell it only to One in 1000.

1004. B.C. The Consecration of Solomon's Temple.

1081. The number of Tiphereth, the central Sephira, the Sun, Beauty, Microprosopus, Sun-God.

1263. The number of the word Gnosis.

1271. He Gnosis, The Gnosis, and Stauros, the cross of Jesus.

1322. First year of Egyptian cycle of Sothis, B.C.; Rameses II. came to the throne in this year, B.C.

1378. The reputed year of the birth of Christian Rosenkreutz, founder of the Rosicrucian philosophy.

1408. Christian Rosenkreutz founded his arcane society in Germania.

1459. The date of the writing of the Hermetic Romance of the Chemical Wedding, by C. R.

1461. The Egyptian Sothic Period, calculated by the heliacal rising of Sirius, the Dog Star, at the solstice.

1480. Christos, in Greek numeration: meaning Anointed:

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according to "The Canon" this number exhibits an important measure of the Cosmos, and was the foundation of the scientific pantheism upon which Christian theology was built, it was a part of The Gnosis and was derived from the priestly astronomers of Egypt.

1484. Christian Rosenkreutz died: the Vault closed over his body and the secrets of the Order he had founded.

1604. The Vault of C. R. opened by his successors after 120 years of secret study and benevolence.

1614. The Fama Fraternitatis Rosæ Crucis was printed.

1717. Grand Lodge of Freemasons was founded.

1752. New Year's Day changed from March 25 to January 1.

1865. Frater Robert Wentworth Little founded the Rosicrucian Society of Freemasons of England, in its present form.

1885. Dr. Wm. Robert Woodman became Supreme Magus.

1892. Dr. Wm. Wynn Westcott became Supreme Magus.

1911. This year A.D. is the 5013th year of the Kali-Yuga of the Hindoo sages; this Yuga is to continue 432,000 years.

2000. A Sabbath day's journey was 2000 paces. Rabbi Gamaliel had a tube made which, when he looked through, he could see objects at 2000 cubits distance; this is the earliest suggestion of the telescope. Eiruvin, 43. 2.

2368. The Greek number of Iesous Christos.

3000. Rav Hammunah says that Solomon spoke 3000 proverbs. At the mourning for Moses 3000 precepts were forgotten.

3102. In B.C. 3102, in February the Kali Yuga, the Black Age of humanity began, according to the Brahmins.

3761. The Jewish Era was calculated to commence 3761 years before the Christian Era.

4231 Years after the dispersion, said Rashi, the Jews will be restored to their own land.

4291. After these years the wars of Gog and Magog will cease, says the Talmud.

5888. The number of verses in the Pentateuch, says the Kiddushin: but they are usually counted as 5845.

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6000. The world was intended to last 6000 years: woo years of Disorder; 2000 of the Law: and woo more before Messiah should come; but his Coming has been delayed by our iniquities; so says the Talmudic treatise. Sanhedrin, 97. 1.

25,000. According to Ezekiel the mystical city of Jerusalem was surrounded by a square space measuring 25,000 roods in length, and this he called The Holy Oblation, and it was for the use of the priests, the sons of Zadok.

3.14159, the value of ir, the ratio of diameter to circumference of a circle.

Bode's Law is a curious arithmetical and astronomical problem:—

Take the series of numbers









Add 4 to each of them









And we obtain the numbers









These show the relation of the ancient planets to the Sun, as to distance, in the order Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus. The planet corresponding to 28 is missing, and seems to be replaced by the asteroids. Uranus was discovered in 1781.

The Platonic Year, or great Period, according to Tycho Brahé, is 25,816 years; Ricciolus, 25,920 years; Cassini, 24,800 years; Norman Lockyer now gives 24,450 years.

It is the period of time determined by the revolution of the equinoxes, or the space of time wherein the stars and constellations return to their former places in respect to the equinoxes by means of a constant precession. The equinoxes moving backwards or westwards, meet the Sun constantly earlier. In the time of the oldest Greek observations, the equinoxial points were in the first stars of Aries and Libra respectively; they are now in Pisces and Virgo. When these names were given the sun entered

p. 125

[paragraph continues] Aries at the Vernal equinox, and Sign and constellation coincided; now they do not, so do not be confused by our still calling the first Sign of spring Aries, although the Sun is now really at such time in Pisces: every 2160 years the Sign is changed. Precedent to Aries the Sun at the Vernal equinox entered Taurus.

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