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Mysteries of the Qabalah

by Elias Gewurz


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This is the second book on the Kabbalah by Elias Gewurz, the other being Hidden Treasures of the Ancient Qabalah. Written from a Theosophical viewpoint, this thin volume has a lot more Kabbalah content than the previous one. Gewurz explains 'signatures' of each Hebrew letter, the use of techniques such as permutation and numerology to find deeper meaning in the sacred writings, and the history and bibliography of Jewish mysticism. Although, strictly speaking, this is uncredited, the title page mentions 'E.G.' and most library catalogs list this as attributed to Gewurz. Furthermore Gewurz is mentioned by name in a footnote on page 31. This joins the other books published by Yogi Publications under an opaque, and unverified, byline.

Title Page

Part I

The Hieroglyphical Interpretation of the Hebrew Alphabet
Explanatory Note on the Letters
The Qabalistic Definition of the Snake Nachash
The Brotherhood of the White Lodge
Initiation according to the Qabalah, from a Scientific and Philosophical Point of View

Part II. The Mysteries of the Qabalah

Chapter I. The Qabalah
Chapter II. The Soul of the Qabalah
Chapter III. Examples of Permutation and Numerical Valuation
The Literature of the Qabalah Throughout the Ages