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Jesus, the Last Great Initiate, by Edouard Schuré, [1908], at

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Author of "Science of Breath," "Hatha Yoga," Etc.

An unique work covering the entire field of the Yogi Philosophy and Oriental Occultism, stating the most profound truths and hidden mysteries in the plainest, simplest, English style. No Sanscrit terms to puzzle the reader. Just the book you have been waiting for.

Bound in Silk Cloth, Lettered in Gold,———Pages.
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A friend of mine loaned me a copy of your Fourteen Lessons and the teachings are just what I have been looking for since a child. They have brought me peace and happiness. I thank you sincerely for what it has done for me. M. E. A., Milwaukee, Wis.

The five books of Yogi Ramacharaka's that I have, I am very much interested in. Frederick J. M., Kingston, Ont., Can.

I have made a deep study of all your works and the good your books are doing is wonderful. With best wishes for your success, I remain Burd F. M., Omaha, Nebr.


The Fourteen Lessons

LESSON I. On the Threshold—The Constitution of Man—The Seven Principles of Man—The Physical Body—The Astral Body—Prana or Vital Force.

LESSON II. The Fourth and Fifth Principles—The Instinctive Mind—The Intellect.

LESSON III. The Sixth and Seventh Principles—The Spiritual Mind—Spirit—Illumination, or Spiritual Consciousness.

LESSON IV. The Human Aura—Health Aura—Pranic Aura—Aura—the three Mental Principles—Spirit Aura—Auric Colors, Phenomena etc.

LESSON V. Thought Dynamics—The nature, quality, and power of Thought—Thought Forms—Thought Influences—The Occult Teachings on this great subject.

LESSON VI. Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Psychometry, Telepathy, etc.—How to develop Psychic powers.

LESSON VII. Human Magnetism—Pranic Energy—Uses and Properties—Directions for development and use.

LESSON VIII. Occult Therapeutics—Spiritual Healing—Mental Healing—Pranic Healing—Theory and Practice.

LESSON IX. Psychic Influence—Personal Magnetism—Mesmerism, etc., explained, with instructions regarding self-protection and warnings against misuse of the power—A timely lesson upon an important subject.

LESSON X. The Astral World; Its Phenomena—The Astral Body—Astral Helpers, etc.

LESSON XI. Beyond the Border—The survival of the Ego after passing out of the physical body—Where it goes and what it does after the change called Death.

LESSON XII. Spiritual Evolution—The Growth of the Soul—Its Travels—Its Purpose—Its Goal.

LESSON XIII. Spiritual Cause and Effect—The Yogi teachings regarding the puzzling questions of Human Life, Conduct—The Sowing and the Reaping explained.

LESSON XIV. The Yogi's Path of Attainment—The Threefold Path—Methods—Directions—Plans—Exercises, etc.—Advice and Words of Encouragement to the Neophyte.

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Hatha Yoga. By Ramacharaka. Cloth


Science of Breath. By Ramacharaka. Bound in paper 53; Cloth


Fourteen Lessons in Yogi Philosophy, and Oriental Occultism. By Ramacharaka


Advanced Course in Yogi Philosophy, and Oriental Occultism By Ramacharaka


Raja Yoga. By Ramacharaka


Gnani Yoga. By Ramacharaka


Philosophies and Religions of India. By Ramacharaka


Psychic Healing. By Ramacharaka


The Hindu-Yogi Practical Water Cure. By Ramacharaka


Mystic Christianity. By Ramacharaka


Bhavagad Gita. By Ramacharaka


Kybalion. By Three Initiates


Reincarnation and Law of Karma. By Wm. W. Atkinson


Secret of Success. By Wm. W. Atkinson


Inner Consciousness. By William Walter Atkinson


Practical Mental Influence. By W. W. Atkinson


Practical Mind Reading. By W. W. Atkinson


Practical Psychomacy and Crystal Gazing. By W. W. Atkinson


Light on the Path and Illumined Way. By M. C. Cloth


Light on the Path. By M. C. Paper


A Visit to Gnani. By Edward Carpenter. Paper


Jesus: The Last Great Initiate. By Edouard Schure


Krishna and Orpheus. By Edouard Schure


Karma. By A. P. Sinnett. Occult Novel. Cloth


The Spirit of the Upanishads


Mystery of Being. Heeralal Dhole


The Three Principles of the Divine Essence. By Jacob Behmen



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