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Initiation, Human and Solar

by Alice A. Bailey


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This is the second in our series of etexts of pre-1923 Alice A. Bailey books. This covers her concept of the hierarchy of spiritual entities, and the role initiation plays in that system.

Title Page
Table of Contents
Chapter I. Introductory Remarks
Chapter II. Initiation Defined
Chapter III. The Work of the Hierarchy
Chapter IV. The Founding of the Hierarchy
Chapter V. The Three Departments of the Hierarchy
Chapter VI. The Lodge of Masters
Chapter VII. The Probationary Path
Chapter VIII. Discipleship
Chapter IX. The Path of Initiation
Chapter X. The Universality of Initiation
Chapter XI. The Participants in the Mysteries
Chapter XII. The Two Revelations
Chapter XIII. The Rods of Initiation
Chapter XIV. The Administration of the Oath
Chapter XV. The Giving of the Word
Chapter XVI. The Imparting of the Secrets
Chapter XVII. Diversities of Initiations
Chapter XVIII. The Seven Paths
Chapter XIX. Rules For Applicants
An Esoteric Catechism
The Great Invocation