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We introduce the following chapters to aid those whose minds are reaching out for methods by which to attain the ultimate that has been set forth in this work. We have not attempted to give the methods in their regular sequence, because the experiences of each individual will be different, and the angel of the Lord will lead each one according to his peculiar quality and temperament. We believe these facts are presented for the first time to the world because the time has arrived for the coming of the MESSENGER OF THE COVENANT referred to in the third and fourth chapters of Malachi. The office of this MESSENGER OF THE COVENANT will be to lead men to the Door, to the Christ, who will introduce them in thru the gate into the city to the Father, for, as we have before stated, the time has come for the establishment of that Eternal Order in the physical form upon earth once more, of which Order Christ came as a member, and as he said 1900 years ago, so say we, "Be ye also ready; for in an hour that ye think not the Son of [a] man cometh."

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