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Beginning of the Dynasties with Menes, about 3400 B.C.

Early Dynasties, I And II, About 3400 To 2980 B.C.

Old Kingdom or Pyramid Age, Dynasties III to VI, 2980 to 2475 B.C., roughly the first five hundred years of the third millennium B.C.

Middle Kingdom or Feudal Age, Dynasties XI and XII, 2160 to 1788 B.C.

The Empire, Dynasties XVIII to XX first half only), about 1580 to 1150 B.C.

Decadence, Dynasties XX (second half) to XXV, about 1150 to 660 B.C.

Restoration, Dynasty XXVI, 663 to 525 B.C.

Persian Conquest, 525 B.C.

Greek Conquest, 332 B.C.

Roman Conquest, 30 B.C.

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