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Utterance 671.

1987a. To say: O N., thou art the son of a Great One;

1987b. thou art purified in the lake, Dȝ.ti;

1987c. thou takest thy throne in the Marsh of Reeds.

Utterance 672.

1988a. To say: The truth of Horus is the truth of this N., O N.

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1988b. Thou art come, N., clothed; thou comest vested.

1989a. N. has inherited him who is not mourned any more, him who comes into being smiling.

1989b. Greetings to thee N.; thou comest in peace.

Utterance 673.

1990a. To say: O father N.,

1990b. thou comest, that is, thou hast come like a god, thou who art come (in boat) like ḳbḥ.w.

1991a. Thy messengers hasten; thy runners run;

1991b. they ascend to heaven; they announce to Rē‘

1992a. that thou standest in the double ’itr.t-palace of the horizon, upon Shu of Nut;

1992b. that thou art seated upon the throne of thy father, Geb, as chief of the ’itr.t-palace,

1992c. upon this throne of copper (or, iron), the wonder of the gods.

1993a. The Two Enneads come to thee with salutations;

1993b. thou commandest men

1993c. like Min, who is in his house, and like Horus of Db‘.wt.

1993d. And Set was not free from bearing thy weight.

Utterance 674.

1994a. To say: I have come to thee, I am thy son; I have come to thee, I am Horus;

1994b. I give to thee thy mdw-staff before the spirits and thy nḥb.t-sceptre before the imperishable stars.

1995a. [I have found thee assembled], [thy (lit. his) face] like (that of) a jackal, thy (lit. his) seat like (that of) ḳbḥ.wt;

1995b. she refreshes thy heart in thy body, in the house of her (lit. thy) father Anubis.

1996a. Be pure and sit at the head of those greater than thou.

1996b. Thou art seated on thy firm throne, on the throne of the First of the Westerners;

1996c. thy śtiš.w, they are young.

1997. Śmnt.t salutes thee, like Isis; Hn.t acclaims thee like Nephthys.

1998a. Thou standest at the head of the śn.wt, of the double palace, like Min;

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1998b. thou standest at the head of Egyptians (km.tiw), like Ḥapi;

1998c. thou standest at Pdw-š, like Seker.

1999a. Thou standest before the Rd-wr-lake.

1999b. Thou hast thy 'bȝ-sceptre, thy wire, thy fingernails; which are at hand (lit. "at thy fingers");

1999c. those who are before Thot are slain with the knife, coming from Set.

1999d. Thou givest thine arm to the dead, to the spirits, who will take thine arm to the First of the Westerners.

Utterance 675.

2000a. To say: O N., "come in peace," says Osiris to thee;

2000b. messenger of the Great God, "come in peace," says the Great God to thee.

2001a. The double doors of heaven are open for thee; the (double doors of the) śḥd.w-stars are open for thee,

2001b. after thou art descended (into the grave) as the jackal of Upper Egypt,

2001c. as Anubis on his belly (side), as Hpi.w who resides in Heliopolis.

2002a. The great damsel who lives in Heliopolis has given her arm to thee.

2002b. O N., thou hast [no] father, among men, who conceived thee;

2002c. thou hast no mother, among mankind, who bore thee.

2003a. Thy mother is the great wild-cow who lives in el-Kâb,

2003b. the white crown, the royal head-dress, she with the long feathers (hair?), she with the two hanging breasts,

2003c. she will nurse thee; she will not wean thee.

2004a. Raise thyself up, N., dress thyself in thy fringed-vestment, the first (best) in the house,

2004b. thy d-mace on thine arm, thy Horus-weapon (ȝmś) in thy hand, thine ȝmś-sceptre on thine arm, thy d-mace in thy hand.

2005a. Thou standest as he who is chief of the double ’itr.t-palace, who, judges the words of the gods.

2005b. O N., thou belongest to the nḫḫ.w (-stars), when Rē‘ shines behind the morning star.

2006a. Lo, no god escapes from what he has said;

2006b. he will offer thee thy thousand (loaves) of bread, thy thou

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sand (mugs) of beer, thy thousand of oxen, thy thousand of geese,

2006c. thy thousand of everything on which a god lives.

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