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Utterance 659.

1860a. To say: He is assembled: This thy going;

1860b. He is assembled: These thy goings,

1860c. are the goings of Horus in search of his father, Osiris.

1861a. His messengers go; his runners hasten,

1861b. his envoys rush on.

1862a. Hasten to Rē‘; say to Rē, to him who lifts up his arm in the East,

1862b. that he is coming as a god, that N. stands in the double ’itr.t-palace of the horizon.

1863a. Thou hearest the words of Rē‘, as a god, as Horus mśti:

1863b. "I am thy brother, like Sopdu."

1864a. Behold, he comes; behold, he comes;

p. 279

1864b. behold, thy brother comes; behold, Mḫnti-n-’irti comes.

1865a. Thou recognizest him not, though thou spendest the night in his arms--

1865b. thy putrefaction being avoided-

1865c. like thy calf, like thy herdsman.

1866a. Thou hast taken these thy white teeth of this mḥn;

1866b. they go around like an arrow, in their name of "Arrow;"

1867a. thy leg of beef is in the nome of Abydos, thy (lit. his) piece of meat is in the land of Nubia;

1867b. thou hast descended like the jackal of the South, like Anubis who is over (i.e. protects) the (southern) ’itr.t-palace;

1868a. thou standest before the Rd-wr-lake,

1868b. like Geb, at the head of his Ennead.

1869a. Thou hast thy heart; thou hast thy ka, N.;

1869b. thou furnishest thy house, N.; thou fastenest thy door, N.

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