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Utterance 577.

1520a. To say: Osiris dawns, pure, mighty; high, lord of truth

1520b. on the first of the year; lord of the year.

1521a. Atum father of the gods is satisfied; Shu and Tefnut are satisfied; Geb and Nut are satisfied;

1521b. Osiris and [Isis] are satisfied; Set and [Neit] (Nephthys?) are satisfied;

1522a. all the gods who are in heaven are satisfied; all the gods who are on earth and in the lands are satisfied;

1522b. all the southern and northern gods are satisfied; all the western and eastern gods are satisfied;

1522c. all the nome gods are satisfied; all the city gods are satisfied

1523a. with the great and mighty word, which comes forth from the mouth of Thot, concerning Osiris,

1523b. the seal of life, the seal of the gods.

1523c. Anubis, the counter of hearts, deducts Osiris N. from the gods who belong to the earth, (and assigns him) to the gods who are in heaven,

1524a. lord of wine at the inundation.

1524b. His year is calculated for him; his hour knows him.

1524c. N. is known by his year which is with him;

1524d. his hour which is with him knows him.

p. 240

1525. "Come, my child," says Atum, "come to us," say they, say the gods to thee, Osiris.

1526a. ("Our) brother is come to us, the eldest, the first (begotten) of his father, the first (born) of his mother,"

152 6b. say they, say the gods.

1527a. Heaven conceived him: Dwȝ.t gave him birth;

152 7b. N. was conceived with him by heaven;

1527c. N. was given birth with him by Dȝ.t.

152 8a. Thou supported the sky on thy right side, having life;

1528b. thou livest, because the gods ordained that thou live.

1528c. N. supports the sky on his right side, having life;

1528d. he lives, his life, because the gods have ordained that he live.

1529a. Thou leanest on the earth on thy left side, having joy;

1529b. thou livest thy life, because the gods have ordained that thou live.

1529c. N. leans on the [earth] on his left side, having life (or joy?);

1529d. he lives his life, because (the gods) have ordained that he live.

1530a. N. ascended on the eastern side of the sky;

1530b. he descends as a green bird;

1530c. he descends ---- lord of the Dȝ.t-lakes.

1530d. N. is purified in the lakes of the śmn-goose.

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