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Utterance 523.

1231a. To say: The sky has strengthened the radiance for N.,

1231b. that N. may lift himself to heaven as the eye of Rē‘,

1231c. and that N. may stand at this left eye of Horus

1231d. where the word of the gods is heard.

1232a. Thou shalt stand in the presence of the spirits,

1232b. as Horus stood in the presence of the living.

1232c. N. shall stand in the presence of the spirits, the imperishable stars,

1232d. as Osiris stands in the presence of the spirits.

Utterance 524.

1233a. To say: N. is pure with the purification which Horus did to his eye.

1233b. N. is Thot who avenges thee (the eye); N. is not Set who seizes it.

1233c. Rejoice, O gods; rejoice, O Two Enneads.

1234a. Let Horus approach N.

1234b. N. is crowned with the white crown, the eye of Horus wherewith he is powerful.

1234c. The gods rejoice for him who ascends.

1235a. The face of N. is as that of a jackal; the two arms of N. are as those of a falcon;

1235b. the extremities of the wings of N. are as those of Thot.

1235c. May Geb let N. fly to heaven,

1235d. that this N. may take the eye of Horus, to himself!

1236a. N. has penetrated your frontier, ye dead;

1236b. N. has overturned your boundary stones, ye who are before and with Osiris;

1236c. N. has conjured the paths of Set;

1236d. N. has passed by the messengers of Osiris.

1237a. No god can hold N.;

1237b. no opponent stands in the way of N.

1237c. N. is Thot, the strongest of the gods;

1237d. Atum calls N. to heaven for life.

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1237e. N. has taken the eye of Horus to himself!

1238a. N. is the son of Khnum; there is nothing evil which N. has done.

1238b. Weighty is this word before thee, O Rē‘.

1238c. Hear it, bull of the Ennead.

1239a. Open the way of N.; enlarge the place of N. before the gods.

1239b. N. has taken the eye of Horus to himself; N. has attached to himself that which went forth from his head.

1240a. N. has caused him to see with both his eyes complete,

1240b. that he may punish his enemies therewith.

1240c. Horus has taken his eye and has given it to N.

1241a. His odour is the odour of a god; the odour of the eye of Horus appertains to the flesh of N.

1241b. N. is in front with it; N. sits upon your great throne, O gods;

1241c. N. is side by side with Atum, between the two sceptres.

1242a. N. is the ḫwnnw (messenger?) of the gods in search of the eye of Horus;

1242b. N. searched for it at Buto; he found it at Heliopolis;

1242c. N. snatched it from the head of Set, at the place where they fought.

1243a. Horus, give thine arm to N.; Horus take to thyself thine eye;

1243b. it mounts up to thee; it ascends to thee; it comes to thee, N., for life;

1243c. the eye of Horus comes to thee with N., before N., for ever.

Utterance 525.

1244a. To say: Rē‘ purified himself for thee; Horus adorned himself for thee,

1244b. so that blindness (?) might cease and that sleeplessness might be repelled,

1244c. before there existed a god, a son of god, a messenger of god.

1245a. N. descends in the lake of Kns.t;

1245b. N. purifies himself in the Marsh of Reeds;

1245c. N. is purified by the Followers of Horus,

1245d. who recite for N. "the chapter of those who ascend,"

1245e. who recite for N. "the chapter of those who raise themselves up."

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1246a. Descend, N., into this thy boat of Rē‘ which the gods row.

1246b. When N. rises they (the gods) rejoice at the approach of N.,

1246c. as they rejoice at the approach of Rē‘,

1246d. when he comes forth in the East, mounting, mounting.

Utterance 526.

1247a. To say: N. has purified himself in the Lake of Reeds,

1247b. wherein Rē‘ was purified.

1247c. Horus dries the back of N., the back of Thot, the legs of N., the legs of Shu.

1247d. Shu, take N. to heaven; Nut, give thine arm to N.

Utterance 527.

1248a. To say: Atum created by his masturbation in Heliopolis.

1248b. He put his phallus in his fist,

1248c. to excite desire thereby.

1248d. The twins were born, Shu and Tefnut.

1249a. They put N. between them;

1249b. they put N. among the gods in the Marsh of Offerings.

1249c. To say four times: N. mounts to heaven;

1249d. N. descends to the earth; for life everlasting.

Utterance 528.

1250a. Further, to say: O Swnt, who traverses the sky nine times in the night,

1250b. lay hold of the arm of N. for life;

1250c. ferry him on this sea.

1250d. (So) N. descends into this boat of the god,

1250e. in which the corporation of the Ennead rows,

1250f. to row N. in it.

1251a. "The chapter of Bdw" is recited for thee;

1251b. "the chapter of natron" is recited for thee.

1251c. Incense stands (as chief) before the Great Ennead,

1251d. while Bdw is seated before (or, in) the great ’itr.t-palace.

Utterance 529.

1252a. Further, to say: O this Doorkeeper of heaven,

1252b. pay attention to this messenger of a god, ascending.

1252c. When he goes forth by the western portal of the sky,

1252d. bring him to the southern portal of the sky;

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1252e. when he ascends by the eastern portal of the sky,

1252f. bring him to the northern portal of the sky.

Utterance 530.

1253a. To say: Greetings to thee, Ladder, which the Souls of Buto and the Souls, of Nekhen have set up and built:

1253b. Give thou thine arm to N.;

1253c. that N. may sit between the two great gods;

1253d. that the places of N. be in front; and that his arm be held as far as the Marsh of Offerings,

1253e. so that he may sit among the stars which are in the sky.

Utterance 531.

1254a. To say: O ye two Kites who are on the wing of Thot,

1254b. who are Whnnw.ti and Dndnw.ti,

1254c. bring this (message) to N.; put him on that side.

1254d. N. comes for life as messenger of Horus, the rapid one (or, in (his) service).

Utterance 532.

1255a. To say: O Mooring-post of the morning-boat of its lord;

1255b. O Mooring-post of the morning-boat of him who is in it,

1255c. Isis comes, Nephthys comes, one of them on the right, one of them on the left,

1255d. one of them as a ḥȝ.t-bird, one of them (Nephthys) as a kite.

1256a. They found Osiris,

1256b. after his brother Set had felled him to the earth in Ndi.t,

1256c. when Osiris (N.) said, "come to me," hence comes his name as "Seker."

1257a. They prevent thee from rotting, in accordance with this thy name of "Anubis";

1257b. they prevent thy putrefaction from flowing to the ground,

1257c. in accordance with this thy name of "jackal of the South";

1257d. they prevent the smell of thy corpse from being bad, in accordance with this thy name of "Ḥr-hȝ.ti."

1258a. They prevent Horus of the East from rotting; they prevent Horus, lord of men, from rotting;

125 8b. they prevent Horus of the Dȝ.t from rotting; they prevent Horus, lord of the Two Lands from rotting.

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1258c. And Set will not ever free himself from carrying thee, Osiris N.

1259a. Wake up for Horus; stand up against Set;

1259b. raise thyself up, Osiris N., son of Geb, his first (-born),

1259c. before whom the Two Enneads tremble.

1260a. The keeper (min.w) stands up before thee, so that (the feast) of the New Moon may be celebrated for thee; thou appearest for (the feast of) the month;

1260b. thou advancest to the sea (of N.); thou traversest to the Great Green;

1261a. for thou art "he who stands without being tired" in Abydos;

1261b. thou art spiritualized on the horizon; thou endurest in Dd.t (Mendes);

1261c. thine arm is taken by the Souls of Heliopolis; thine arm is seized by Rē‘.

1262a. Thy head, N., is raised up by the Two Enneads;

1262b. they have put thee, Osiris N., as chief of the double ’itr.t-palace of the Souls of Heliopolis.

1262c. Thou livest, thou livest, raise thyself up.

Utterance 533.

1263a. To say: -----------------------------

1263b. ----------------- which goes forth ----

1263c. N. is the blood, which goes forth from Rē‘; the sweat which goes forth from Isis.

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