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Utterance 312.

501. To say: The bread flies, the bread flies to my houses, the houses of the Lower Egyptian crown.

Utterance 313.

502a. To say: The phallus of Bȝ-bii is drawn; the double doors of heaven are opened.

502b. The double doors of heaven are locked; the way goes over the flames under that which the gods create,

503a. which allows each Horus to glide through, in which N. will glide through, in this flame under that which the gods create.

503b. They make a way for N., that N. may pass by it. N. is a Horus.

Utterance 314.

504a. To say: Back, thou ox, which shall be killed, on whose horns the fingers of the earth-god shall be.

504b. Fall, glide away.

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Utterance 315.

505a. It is N., O ’i‘n-ape, O htt-ape, O tt-ape.

505b. The death (?) of N. is upon the desire of N.; the beatitude of N. (has come) on N. (of himself).

505c. N. will do homage, the same homage (which ye do); he will sit among you, O ye ḥ‘ȝ.tiw.

Utterance 316.

506a. O Ḥmi; O Śḥd, N. has not given to you his magic.

506b. N. will sit on the side of him who is revered in Heliopolis.

506c. Take N. with (you) to heaven.

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