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Two vessels of Amt (?) wine, or wine of Pelusium, with the formula:--

"Osiris Unas, the child which is in the Eye of Horus hath been presented unto thee, and thy mouth hath been opened thereby."

p. 136


The Sem priest presenting two vessels of Amt wine.


By the words "child which is in the Eye," we are to understand "pupil of the eye," or "apple of the eye," i.e., that which is guarded as the most precious thing. The same idea exists in Hebrew, compare אִשׁו{! 0x5e ^ !}^ן, the "little man" of the eye (Deut. xxxii. 10; Proverbs vii. 2), and in Arabic . We have also "daughter of the eye," בַּת-עַיַן in Psalm xvii. 8, in Arabic , and in Ethiopic = Greek κόρη (Deut. xxxii, 10 Psalm xvi. 9; Proverbs vii. 2).

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