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In the next ceremony a bread-cake and a vessel of beer were placed on a small table, and "lifted up" before the mummy, whilst the Kher heb said:--


The Sem priest presenting a bread cake and a vessel of beer.


"Osiris Unas, the Eye of Horus hath been presented unto thee, and it hath been lifted up for thee to thy face. There shall be lifting up to thy face, there shall be lifting up to thy face, O Osiris. Hail, Unas! let thy soul advance.

"Lift up thy face, O thou Unas, and look afar off, and fix thy gaze intently upon that which cometh forth from thee. That which was corruptible in thee

p. 109

hath been washed away, O Unas, and thy mouth hath been made holy for thee by the Eye of Horus."

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