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p. 70


The ceremonies symbolizing the nursing of Horus by Osiris having been performed, the SEM priest took libation vases of pure water of the north, i.e., from the Delta, not water with natron dissolved in it, and went


The Sem priest pouring water from a libation vase into a libation bowl held by a ministrant.


round the mummy, sprinkling it on all sides as he went, whilst the Kher heb said four times:--

"This libation is for thee, O Osiris, this libation is for thee, O Unas; it cometh forth from thy son, it cometh forth from Horus.

"I have come and I have brought unto thee the Eye of Horus, that thy heart may be refreshed therewith.

p. 71

"I have brought it [and placed it] under thee, [under] thy sandals, and I have presented unto thee that which floweth forth from thee. Whilst it is with thee there shall be no stoppage of thy heart, and it shall be with thee, with the things (or, persons) which come forth at the [sound of] the voice."

The powers which the deceased enjoyed upon earth having now been bestowed upon him once more, or upon his KA, he is in the position of being able to


The Sem priest presenting a vessel of white wine and a vessel of black.


partake of the symbolic offerings which are about to be made to him, and to assimilate them after they have been transformed into spiritual meat and drink by the words of the Kher heb.

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