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Vignette: A heron.


Saith Osiris, the scribe Ani: (2) "I have gotten dominion over the beasts which are brought for sacrifice, with the knife held at their heads and their hair, (3) for

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those who dwell in their emerald [fields], the ancient and the shining ones who make ready (4) the hour of Osiris Ani, triumphant in peace. He maketh slaughter upon earth, and I make slaughter upon earth. I am strong, and I have passed along the (5) lofty path [which leadeth] unto heaven. I have made myself pure, with long strides I have gone unto my city, holding on my way to Sepu (?). (6) I have stablished [the one who is] in Unnu. I have set the gods upon their places, and I have made glorious the temples of those who live in their shrines. (7) I know the goddess Nut, I know the god Tatunen, I know Teshert, I have brought with me their horns. I know (8) Heka, I have heard his words, I am the red calf which is limned with the pen. When they hear [my words], the gods say: (9) 'Let us bow down our faces, and let him come unto us; the light shineth beyond you.' My hour is within my body. (10) I have not spoken [evil] in the place of right and truth, and each day I advance in right and truth. I am shrouded in darkness when I sail up to celebrate the festival of the (11) dead one, and to embalm the Aged one, the guardian of the earth--I the Osiris, the scribe Ani, triumphant! I have not entered into (12) the hiding places of the starry deities. I have ascribed glory unto Osiris. I have pacified the heart of the gods who follow after him. I have not felt fear (13) Of those who cause terror, even those who dwell in their own lands. Behold, I am exalted (14) upon [my] resting place upon my throne. I am Nu, and I shall never be overthrown by the Evil-doer. I am the god Shu (15) who sprang from unformed matter. My soul is god; my soul is eternity. I am the creator of darkness, and I (16) appoint unto it a resting place in the uttermost parts of heaven. I am the prince of eternity, I am the exalted one [in] Nebu. I grow young in [my] city, ( 17) I grow young in my homestead. My name is 'Never-failing.' My name is 'Soul, Creator of Nu, who maketh (18) his abode in the underworld.' My nest is not seen, and I have not broken my egg. I am lord of millions of years- I have made my nest (19) in the uttermost parts of heaven. I have come down unto the earth of Seb. I have done away with my faults. I have seen my father (20) as the lord of Shautat. As concerning Osiris Ani, may his body dwell in Annu; may it be manifested unto those who are with the Shining One in the place of burial in Amenta. . . . . ."

Vignette: A human head springing from a lotus in a pool of water.

Text [CHAPTER LXXXIA.]: (1) [THE CHAPTER OF] CHANGING INTO A LOTUS. Saith Osiris Ani: "I am the (2) pure lotus which cometh forth from the

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god of light, the guardian of the nostrils of Ra, the guardian (3) of the nose of Hathor. I advance and I hasten (4) after him who is Horus. I am, the pure one who cometh forth from the field."

Vignette: A god with a disk upon his head.

Text [CHAPTER LXXX.]: (I) [Tim, CHAPTER OF] CHANGING INTO THE GOD WHO GIVETH LIGHT IN THE DARKNESS. Saith Osiris, the scribe Ani, triumphant: I am (2) the girdle of the robe of the god Nu, which shineth and sheddeth light, which abideth in his presence and sendeth forth light into the darkness, which knitteth together the two fighters (3) who live in my body through the mighty spell of the words of my mouth, which raiseth up him that hath fallen--for (4) he who was with him in the valley of Abtu hath fallen--and I rest. I have remembered him. (5) I have carried away the god Hu from my city wherein I found him, (6) and I have led away the darkness captive by my might. I have upheld the Eye [of the Sun] when its power waned (7) at the coming of the festival of the, fifteenth day, and I have weighed Sut in the heavenly mansions beside the Aged one who is with him. I have endowed (8) Thoth in the House of the Moon-god with all that is needful for the coming of the festival of the fifteenth day. I have carried off the ureret crown; right and truth are in my body. (9) The months are of emerald and crystal. My homestead is among the sapphire furrows. (10) I am the lady who sheddeth light in darkness. I have come to give forth light in darkness, and lo! it is lightened and made bright. I have illumined the blackness (11) and I have overthrown the destroyers. I have made obeisance unto those who are in darkness, and I have raised up (12) those who wept and who had bidden their faces and had sunk down. Then did they look upon me. I am the Lady, and I will not let you hear concerning me."

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