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Vignette: Ani standing in adoration before three gods, each of whom holds a sceptre in his left hand, and the symbol of life in his right.

[1. Adding thest ftu, from the papyrus of Nebseni.

2. Var. ### axemu. this word see Brugsch, Wörterbuch (Suppl.), p. 279.]

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Text [CHAPTER XCIII.]: (I) THE CHAPTER OF NOT LETTING A MAN PASS OVER TO THE EAST IN THE UNDERWORLD. Saith Osiris Ani: "Hail, manhood of (2) Ra, which advanceth and beateth down opposition; things which have been without movement for millions of years come into being through the god Baba. Hereby am I made stronger than (3) the strong, and hereby have I more power than they who are mighty. And therefore neither shall I be borne away nor carried by force to the East, to take part in the festivals of the fiends; (4) nor shall there [be given unto me] cruel gashes with knives, nor shall I be shut in on every side, nor gored by the horns [of the god Khepera]". . . . . . . . . . . .[1]

Vignette: Ani adoring a god in a boat whose head is turned face backwards.

Text [CHAPTER XCIIIA.]: ANOTHER CHAPTER.[2] [Saith Osiris Ani]: "So then shall no evil things be done unto me by the fiends, neither shall I (6) be gored by the horns [of Khepera]; and the manhood of Ra, which is the head of Osiris, shall not be swallowed up. Behold me, (7) I enter into my homestead, and I reap the harvest. The gods speak with me. (8) Gore thou not them, O Ra-khepera. In very truth sickness shall not arise in the eye of Tmu nor shall it (9) be destroyed. Let me be brought to an end, may I not be carried into the East to take part in the festivals of the fiends who are my enemies (10); may no cruel gashes be made in me. I, Osiris, the scribe Ani, the teller of the divine offerings of all the gods, triumphant with happy victory, the lord to be revered. am not carried away into the East."

Text [CHAPTER XLIII.]: (1) THE CHAPTER OF NOT LETTING THE HEAD OF A MAN BE CUT OFF FROM HIM IN THE UNDERWORLD. Saith Osiris Ani: (2) "I am the great One, son of the great One; I am Fire, the son of Fire, to whom was (3) given his head after it had been cut off. The head of Osiris was not carried away from him; let not the head of Osiris Ani (4) be carried away from him. I have knit together my bones, I have made myself whole and sound; I have become young once more; I am Osiris, the Lord of eternity."

Vignette: The mummy of Ani lying on a bier; above is his soul in the form of a human-headed bird, holding shen, the emblem of eternity, in its claws. At the head and foot stands an incense burner with fire in it.

[1. The text of the rest of this chapter is corrupt.

2. In other early papyri these two chapters form one; the division probably arose from a blunder on the part of the scribe.]

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Text [CHAPTER LXXXIX.]: (1) THE CHAPTER OF CAUSING THE SOUL TO BE UNITED TO ITS BODY IN THE UNDERWORLD. Saith Osiris Ani: "Hail, thou god Annitu! Hail, O Runner, (2) dwelling in thy hall! O thou great god, grant thou " that my soul may come unto me from wheresoever it may be. If it would tarry, then bring thou unto me (3) my soul from wheresoever it may be. [ If] thou findest [me], O Eye of Horus, make thou me to stand up like those beings who are like unto Osiris and who never lie down in death. Let not (4) Osiris Ani, triumphant, triumphant, lie down in death in Annu, the land wherein souls are joined unto their bodies, even in thousands. My soul doth bear away with it my victorious spirit (5) whithersoever it goeth[1] . . . . . . . . . . . (6) If it would tarry, grant thou that my soul may look upon my body. [If] thou findest [me], O Eye of Horus, make thou me to stand up like unto those[1] . . . . . . . (7) Hail, ye gods, who row in the boat of the lord of millions of years, who tow it (8) above the underworld, who make it to pass over the ways of Nu, who make souls to enter into their glorified bodies, (9) whose hands are filled with righteousness, and whose fingers grasp your sceptres, destroy ye (10) the foe. The boat of the Sun rejoiceth, and the great god advanceth in peace. Behold [ye gods], grant that this soul of Osiris Ani (11) may come forth triumphant before the gods, and triumphant before you, from the eastern horizon of heaven, to follow unto the place where it was yesterday, in peace, in peace, in Amenta. (12) May he behold his body, may he rest in his glorified frame, may he never perish, and may his body never see corruption."

Rubric: To be said over a golden [figure of a] soul inlaid with precious stones, which is to be placed on the neck of Osiris.

Vignette: Ani's soul, in the form of a human-headed bird, standing in front of a pylon.[2]

[1. Some words are omitted here.

2. The three following variants show: (1) the soul flying through the door of the tomb to the deceased; (2) the deceased, accompanied by his soul, standing at the open door of the tomb; and (3) the deceased, with his soul hovering over him, standing with his back to the door of the tomb, upon which is the disk of the rayed sun.



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Text [CHAPTER XCI.]: (I) THE CHAPTER OF NOT LETTING THE SOUL OF A MAN BE CAPTIVE IN THE UNDERWORLD. Saith Osiris Ani: "Hail thou who art exalted, thou who art adored, (2) thou mighty one of souls, thou Ram (or Soul), possessor of terrible power, who dost put fear of thee into the hearts of the gods, thou who art crowned upon thy mighty throne! It is he who maketh the path for the khu and for (3) the soul of Osiris Ani. I am furnished [with that which I need], I am a khu furnished [with that which I need], I have made my way unto the place wherein are Ra and Hathor."

Rubric: If this chapter be known, Ani shall become like unto a shining being fully equipped in the underworld. He shall not be stopped at any door in the underworld from going in and coming out millions of times.

Vignette:[1] Ani standing at the doorway of the tomb; and Ani's shadow, accompanied by his soul.

Text [CHAPTER XCII.]: (I) THE CHAPTER OF OPENING THE TOMB TO THE SOUL OF THE SHADOW, OF COMING FORTH BY DAY, AND OF GETTING POWER OVER THE LEGS. Saith Osiris, the scribe Ani, triumphant: "(2) The place of bondage is opened, that which was shut is opened,[2] and; the place of bondage is opened unto my soul [according to the bidding of][3] the eye of Horus. I have bound and stablished (3) glories upon the brow of Ra. [My] steps are made long, [my] thighs are lifted up; I have passed along the great path, and my limbs are strong. (4) 1 am Horus, the avenger of his father, and I bring the ureret crown to rest upon its place. The path of souls is opened [to my soul]."

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