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(1) Horus ........ he was going up a hill at midday in the verdure season, mounted on a white horse ....... on a black horse, (2) the papyrus rolls [of ...] being on(?) him, those of the Great of Five in his bosom. He found all the gods seated at the place of judgement (3) eating [of the produce?] of the Nile (?), my (?) Chief.

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[paragraph continues] Said they, 'Horus, come, art thou eating? Horus, come, wilt thou eat?' He said, 'Take yourselves from me; (4) there is no [desire?] in me for eating. I am ill in my head; I am ill in my body; a fever hath taken hold of me, a South wind hath seized me. (5) Doth Isis [cease] to make magic? Doth Nephthys cease to give health? Are the sixteen Netbeou, is the one Power (6) of God, are [? the 3]65 gods seated to eat the produce of the fields of the Nile (?), my (?) Chief, until they remove the fever (7) from the head of the son of Isis (and) from the head of N. born of N., the fevers by night, the fevers by day, the headache, this burning, (8) this heat of the fevers of ...... of his feet, remove from the head of N. born of N.' (Say it) over genuine oil (9) seven times, and anoint his hand, his body, his feet, and pronounce the words to him.

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