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(1) A spell for bringing a woman out of her house.

p. 192 p. 193

[paragraph continues] You take a ....(2) of a wild she-cat; you dry it; you take a heel-tendon (?) [of a (?).... which has been (?)] (3) drowned; you fashion a ring the body (? bezel) of which is variegated (?) with gold [in the form of two (?)] (4) lions, their mouths being open, the face of each being turned to the other; you put some .... its face (?). (5) If you wish to bring a woman to you at any time, you place the ring on the upper part of a lamp, (6) which is lighted, you say, 'Bring N. daughter of N. to this place (7) in which I am, quickly in these moments of to-day.'

Then she comes at once.

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