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(1) [Spell] spoken to the bite of the dog. (?) 'I have come forth from Arkhah, my mouth being full of blood of a black dog. (3) I spit it out, the ... of a dog. O this dog, who is among the ten dogs (4) which belong to Anubis, the son of his body, extract thy venom, remove thy saliva (?) from me (?) again,(5) If thou dost not extract thy venom and remove thy saliva (?), I will take thee (6) up to the court of the temple of Osiris, my watch-tower (?). I will do for thee the parapage (?) of

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birds (?) (7) like the voice of Isis, the sorceress (?), the mistress of sorcery (?), who bewitches (?) everything and is not bewitched (?) (8) in her name of Isis the sorceress (?).' And you pound garlic with kmou (?) (9) and you put it on the wound of the bite of the dog; and you address it daily until it is well.

(10) [Spell] spoken for extracting the venom from, the heart of a man who has been made to drink a potion or (?) (11) ... 'Hail to him! (bis) Yablou, the golden cup of Osiris. (12) Isis (and) Osiris (and) the great Agathodaemon have drunk from thee; the three gods have drunk, I have drunk (13) after them myself; for, dost thou make me drunk? Dost thou make me suffer shipwreck? Dost thou make me perish? (14) dost thou cause me confusion? Dost thou cause me to be vexed of heart? Dost thou cause my mouth (15) to speak blasphemy? May I be healed of all poison pus (and) venom which have been ...ed to my heart; (16) when I drink thee, may I cause them to be cast up in the name of Sarbitha, the daughter (17) of the Agathodaemon; for I am Sabra, Briatha, Brisara, Her (18) is my name. I am Horus Sharon (?) when he comes from receiving acclamation (?), Yaho, (19) the child is my name as my real name.' (Pronounced) to a cup of wine (20) and you put (sic) fresh rue and put it to it; and you make invocation to it seven times, and make (21) the man drink it in the morning before he has eaten.

[Spell] spoken to the man, when a bone has stuck (22)

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in his throat. 'Thou art Shlate, Late, Balate, (23) the white crocodile, which is under (?) the ... of the sea of fire, whose belly (24) is full of bones of every drowned man. Thou wilt spit forth this bone for me to-day, which acts (?) [as] (35) a bone, which ....., which ... as (?) a bandage, which does everything without (26) a thing deficient; for I am(?) a lion's fore-part, I am a ram's head (?), I am a leopard's tooth; (27) Gryphon is my real name, for Osiris he who is in my hand, the man named (28) is he who gives (?) my...' Seven times. You make invocation to a little oil. You (29) put the face of the man upwards and put it (the oil) down into his mouth, and place your finger and (30) your nail [to the?] two muscles (?) of his throat; you make him swallow the oil and make him (31) start up suddenly, and you eject the oil which is in his throat immediately; (32) then the bone comes up with the oil.

Spell spoken to the bite of the dog. (33) The exorcism (?) of Amen (and?) Thriphis; say: 'I am this Hakoris (?) strong, Shlamala, Malet, secret (?) (34) mighty Shetei, Greshei, Greshei, neb Rent Tahne Bahne (?) this [dog?] (35) this black [one], the dog which hath bewitched (?), this dog, he of these four bitch-pups (?), the jackal (?) being (?) a son of Ophois. (36) O son of Anubis, hold on (?) by thy tooth, let fall thy humours (?); thou art as the face (37) of Set against Osiris, thou art as the face of Apop against the Sun; Horus the son of Osiris, born of Isis (is he?) at whom thou didst fill thy

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mouth (i.e. bite), (38) N. son of N. (is he) (?) at whom thou hast filled thy mouth; hearken to this speech. Horus who didst heal burning pain (?), who didst go to the abyss, (39) who didst found the Earth, listen, O Yaho, Sabaho, Abiaho by name.' You cleanse (?) the wound, you pound (40) salt with ...; apply it to him. Another: You pound rue with honey, apply it; you say it also to a cup of water and make him drink it (?).

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