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(1) And you set up your [planisphere?] and you stamp on the ground with your foot seven times and recite these charms to the Foreleg, turning (?) to the North seven times (2) and you return, down and go to a dark recess.

(3) A question-form, tested. You go to a dark clean recess with its face open to the south and you purify it with (4) natron-water, and you take a new white lamp in which no red earth or gum-water has been put and place a clean wick (5) in it and fill it with real oil after writing this name and these figures on the wick with ink of myrrh beforehand; (6) and you lay it on a new brick before you, its underside being spread with sand; and you pronounce these spells over the lamp again another seven times. You display frankincense in front of (7) the lamp and you look at the lamp; then you see the god about the lamp and you lie down on a rush mat without speaking (8) to any one on earth. Then he makes answer to you by dream. Behold its invocation. Formula: (In margin: Behold the spells which you write on the wick; Bakhukhsikhukh, and figures)

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(9) 'Ho! I am Murai, Muribi, Babel, Baoth, Bamui, the great Agathodaemon, (10) Muratho, the ... form of soul that resteth above in the heaven of heavens, (11) Tatot (bis), Bouel (bis), Mouihtahi (?) (bis), Lahi (bis), Bolboel, I (bis), Aa, Tat (bis), Bouel (bis), Yohel (bis),the first servant (12) of the great god, he who giveth light exceedingly, the companion of the flame, he in whose mouth is the fire that is not quenched, the great god who is seated (13) in the fire, he who is in the midst of the fire which is in the lake of heaven, in whose hand is the greatness and the power of god; reveal thyself to me(14) here to-day in the fashion, of thy revelation to Moses which thou didst make upon the mountain, before whom thou thyself didst create darkness and light, (15)--insertion--I pray thee that thou reveal thyself to me here to-night and speak with me and give me answer in truth without falsehood; for I will glorify thee (16) in Abydos, I will glorify thee in heaven before Phre, I will glorify thee before the Moon, I will glorify thee (17) before him who is upon the throne, who is not destroyed, he (= thou) of the great glory, Peten (bis), Pater, Enphe (bis), (18) O god who is above heaven, in whose hand is the beautiful staff, who created deity, deity not having created him. Come down <in> to me (19) into the midst of this flame that is here before thee, thou of Boel (bis),and let me see the business that I ask about (20) to-night truly without falsehood. Let it be seen (?), let it be heard (?), O great god Sisihoout, otherwise said Armioouth, come (21) in before me and give me answer to that which

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[paragraph continues] I shall ask about, truly without falsehood. O great god that is on the mountain (22) of Atuki (of Gabaon), Khabaho, Takrtat, come in to me, let my eyes be opened to-night for any given thing (23) that I shall ask about, truly without falsehood . the voice (?) of the Leasphot, Neblot ... lilas.' Seven times: and you lie down (24) without speaking.

The ointment which you put on your eyes when you are about to inquire of the lamp in any lamp-divination: you take some flowers (25) of the Greek bean; you find them in the place of the garland-seller, otherwise said of the lupin-seller; you take them fresh and put them (26) in a lok-vessel of glass and stop its mouth very well for twenty days in a secret dark place. After twenty days, if you (27) take it out and open it, you find a pair (?) of testicles in it with a phallus. You leave it for forty days and when you take it out (28) and open it, you find that it has become bloody; then you put it on a glass thing and put the glass thing into a pottery thing (29) in a place hidden at all times. When you desire to make inquiry of the lamp with it at any time if you fill your eyes with this (30) blood aforesaid, and if you go in to pronounce a spell over the lamp you see a figure of a god standing behind (?) the lamp, and he speaks (31) with you concerning the question which you wish; or you lie down and he comes to you. If he does not come to

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you, you rise and pronounce his compulsion. (32) You must lie down on green reeds, being pure from a woman, your head being turned to the south and your face being turned to the north and the face of the lamp being turned northwards likewise.

(33) insert above--'I pray thee to reveal thyself to me here to-night and speak with me and give me answer truly concerning the given matter which I ask thee about.'

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