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(1) You say to the boy 'Open your eyes'; when he opens his eyes and sees the light, you make him cry out, (2) saying 'Grow (bis), O light, come forth (bis), O light, rise (bis), O light, ascend (bis), O light, thou who art without, (3) come in.' If he opens his eyes and does

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not see the light, you make him close his eyes, (4) you call to him again; Formula: 'O darkness, remove thyself from before him (sic)! O light, bring the light, in to me! (5) Pshoi that is in the abyss, bring in the light to me! O Osiris, who is in the Nesheme-boat, bring in the light to me! (6) These four winds that are without, bring in the light to me! O thou in whose hand is the moment (?) that belongeth to these hours (7) bring in the light to me! Anubis, the good oxherd, bring in the light to me! For thou (8) shalt give protection (?) to me here to-day. For I am Horus son of Isis, the good son of Osiris; thou shalt bring the gods of the place (9) of judgement, and thou shalt cause them to do my business, and they shall make my affair proceed; Netbeou, thou shalt cause them to do it. (10) For [I am?] Touramnei, Amnei, A-a, Mes (bis), Ornouorf (bis), Ornouorf (bis), Pahorof, (11)..... Pahrof, Io, a little (?) king, Touhor; let this child prosper, whose face is bent down to this (12) oil [and thou shalt] escort (?) Souchos to me until he come forth. Setem is my name, Setem is my correct name. For I am (13) L[ot], M[oulo]t, Toulot, Tat,

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[paragraph continues] Peintat is my correct name. O great god whose name is great, (14) appear to this child without alarming or deceiving, truthfully.' You utter these (15) charms seven times, you make him open his eyes. If the light is good and he says 'Anubis is coming in,' you call before him (Anubis). (16) Formula: 'O Riz Muriz, O To-ur-to, O this beautiful male born of Herieou, the daughter of the Neme, (17) come to me, for thou art this lotus-flower that came forth from in the lotus of Pnastor, and that illuminates the whole earth; (18) hail! Anubis, come to me, the High, the Mighty, the Chief over the mysteries of those in the Underworld, the Pharaoh of those in Amenti, the Chief Physician, (19) the fair [son?] of Osiris, he whose face is strong among the gods, thou manifestest thyself in the Underworld before the hand of Osiris. Thou servest (20) the souls of Abydos, for they all live by thee, these souls (namely) those of the sacred Underworld. Come to the earth, show thyself to me

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(21) here to-day. Thou art Thoth, thou art he that came forth from the heart of the great Agathodaemon, the father of the fathers of all the gods; come to the mouths (22) of my vessel to-day and do thou tell me answer in truth to everything that I shall inquire about, without falsehood therein; for I am Isis (23) the Wise, the words of whose mouth of mine (sic) come to pass.' Formula: seven times. You say to the boy 'Speak to Anubis, saying (24) "Go forth, bring in the gods."' When he goes after them and brings them in, you ask the boy, saying 'Have the gods (25) come in?' If he says 'They have come' and you (sic) see them, you cry before them. Formula: 'Raise thyself for me (bis), Pshoi; raise thyself, Mera (26), the Great of Five, Didiou, Tenziou, do justice to me. Thoth, let creation (?) fill the earth with light, O (thou who art an) ibis in (27) his noble countenance, thou noble one that enters the heart, let truth be brought forth, thou great god whose name is great.' Say seven times. (28) You say to the boy 'Speak to Anubis, saying "Bring in a table for the

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gods and let them sit."' When they (29) are seated you say 'Bring in a (jar of) wine, broach it for the gods; bring in some bread, let them eat, let them drink,'

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