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p. 145

To the


HAIL souls triumphant! Truth is all your own,
Lov'd by the wise, to Folly's sons unknown.
Let Ign'rance proudly boast her tyrant reign,
Her num'rous vot'ries, and her wide domain,
Your wisdom scorn, and with barbaric hand
Spread dire delusion thro' a falling land.
By you inspir'd, the glorious talk be mine,
To rise from Sense, and seek a life divine;
From Phantasy, the soul's Calypso, free,
To fail secure on Life's tempestuous sea,
Led by your doctrines like the Pleiads' light,
With guiding radiance streaming thro' the night,
From mighty Neptune's overwhelming ire,
Back to the, palace of my lawful Sire.