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1. Mana, Magic and Animism
The Mind of Primitive Man. Positive
and Negative Mana. Magic. Animism.

II. Positive and Negative Mana (Taboo)
Blood, Women, Children, Death and
Corpses, Leather, Days.

III. Miscellaneous Taboos
Sex, Men, Strangers, Slaves, Linen and
Wool, Knots, Iron and Bronze, Places.

IV. Magic Acts: The General Principles
Homoeopathic and Contagious Magic.

V. Removing Evils by Magic Acts
By Washing and Burning. By Sweep-
ing and Striking. By Drawing a Magic
Circle. By Dancing. The Scapegoat.

VI. Incantation and Prayer
Prayer a Command. Prayers Chanted.
Prayers Uttered in an Undervoice.
Prayers Repeated. Exactness in Naming
the God and in the Wording of the Prayer.
Prayers for Ill. No God Involved.

VII. Naturalism and Animism
The Worship of Stones, Trees and
Groves. Water. Fire.


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