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I. Introductory.

II. The temple of Chastity.

III. The Bower of Pleasure.

IV. Sappho discovers her Passion.

V. Contemns its Power.

VI. Describes the characteristics of Love.

VII. Invokes Reason.

VIII. Her Passion increases.

IX. Laments the volatility of Phaon.

X. Describes Phaon.

XI. Rejects the Influence of Reason.

XII. Previous to her Interview with Phaon.

XIII. She endeavours to fascinate him.

XIV. To the Aeolian Harp.

XV. Phaon awakes.

XVI. Sappho rejects Hope.

XVII. The Tyranny of Love.

XVIII. To Phaon.

XIX. Suspects his constancy.

XX. To Phaon.

XXI. Laments her early Misfortunes.

XXII. Phaon forsakes her.

XXIII. Sappho's Conjectures.

XXIV. Her Address to the Moon.

XXV. To Phaon.

XXVI. Contemns Philosophy.

XXVII. Sappho's Address to the Stars.

XXVIII. Describes the fascinations of Love.

XXIX. Determines to follow Phaon.

XXX. Bids farewell to Lesbos.

XXXI. Describes her Bark.

XXXII. Dreams of a Rival.

XXXIII. Reaches Sicily.

XXXIV. Sappho's Prayer to Venus.

XXXV. Reproaches Phaon.

XXXVI. Her confirmed Despair.

XXXVII. Foresees her Death.

XXXVIII. To a Sigh.

XXXIX. To the Muses.

XL. Visions appear to her in a dream.

XLI. Resolves to take the Leap of Leucata.

XLII. Her last Appeal to Phaon.

XLIII. Her Reflections on the Leucadian Rock before she perishes.

XLIV. Sonnet Conclusive.

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