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Diana of Ephesus (detail of cover of this book, image public domain in US)

Plutarch's Morals: Theosophical Essays

tr. by Charles William King


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When, therefore, they were come over against Palodes, there being neither wind nor swell of sea, Thamus, looking out from the stern, called out to the land what he had heard, namely, 'That the great Pan is dead:' and hardly had he finished speaking than there was a mighty cry, not of one, but of many voices mingled together in wondrous manner.--On the Cessation of Oracles, p. 93

Originally published in 1882 as part of Bohn's Classical Library, this volume of selections from Plutarch's Moralia was translated by the 19th century scholar of Gnostics and gemstones, Charles William King. King also wrote The Gnostics and Their Remains.

Title Page
Description of the Woodcuts
On Isis and Osiris
On the Cessation of Oracles
On the Pythian Responses
On the E at Delphi
On the Apparent Face in the Orb of the Moon
On Superstition