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Perseus on Pegasus hastening to the rescue of Andromeda, by Lord Frederick Leighton  [1895-6] (Public Domain Image)


by Ovid

translated into English verse under the direction of Sir Samuel Garth by John Dryden, Alexander Pope, Joseph Addison, William Congreve and other eminent hands

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Book The First
Book the Second
Book the Third
Book the Fourth
Book the Fifth
Book the Sixth
Book the Seventh
Book the Eighth
Book the Nine
Book the Tenth
Book the Eleventh
Book the Twelfth
Book the Thirteenth
Book the Fourteenth
Book the Fifteenth


Liber Primus
Liber Secundus
Liber Tertius
Liber Quartus
Liber Quintus
Liber Sextus
Liber Septimus
Liber Octavus
Liber Nonus
Liber Decimus
Liber Undecimus
Liber Duodecimus
Liber Tertius Decimus
Liber Quartus Decimus
Liber Quintus Deciums