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TILE translations from Homer in this book are taken from the Iliad by Lang Leaf and Myers, and the translation of the Odyssey in verse by J. W. Mackail. The translations of the Homeric Hymns are by Andrew Lang, with the exception of the Hymn to Athene, which is by D. S. MacColl. The translations of Euripides are by Professor Gilbert Murray. For the remaining translations I am myself responsible.

Much assistance has been obtained of the following books, to which I refer students for more detailed information:

1. A. B. Cook: Zeus: A Study of Ancient Religion, 2 vols. (Cambridge University Press, 1954.)

2. Rendel Harris: The Ascent of Olympus. (Manchester University Press, 1917.)

3. Gilbert Murray: Five Stages of Greek Religion. (Oxford Clarendon Press, 5925.)

4. Jane E. Harrison: (a) Prolegomena to the Study of Greek Religion, third edition. (b) Themis, second edition, 1927. (c) Epilegomena to the Study of Religion. (Cambridge University Press.) (d) Alpha and Omega. (Sidgwick and Jackson.)