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The Victory of Julius Caesar over the Belgians, by Louis van Engelen

The Works of Julius Caesar

(Parallel Latin/English)

tr. by W.A. McDevitte and W.S. Bohn


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This a parallel presentation of the works of Julius Caesar in Latin and English translation. This includes his Gallic Wars and Civil Wars, plus three shorter works which may have been written by Aulus Hirtius (who is also credited with the 8th book of the Gallic Wars). Beyond its importance as a source document for military and Roman history, Caesar's clean prose style has long made his Gallic Wars the text of choice for second-year Latin. It is also of interest because of his first-hand observations of the Celtic tribes that he was waging war on. For instance, refer to Book 6, which contains a long passage about Gaulish society, the Druids, and his famous description of the original burning man ritual.

Gallic Wars Book 1 (58 B.C.E.)
Gallic Wars Book 2 (57 B.C.E.)
Gallic Wars Book 3 (56 B.C.E.)
Gallic Wars Book 4 (55 B.C.E.)
Gallic Wars Book 5 (54 B.C.E.)
Gallic Wars Book 6 (53 B.C.E.)
Gallic Wars Book 7 (52 B.C.E.)
Gallic Wars Book 8 (51-50 B.C.E.)
Civil Wars Book 1 (50 B.C.E.)
Civil Wars Book 2 (49 B.C.E.)
Civil Wars Book 3 (48-47 B.C.E.)
Alexandrian War
African War
Spanish War