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Theseus and the Minotaur; public domain image [1901]

The Heroes

Or, Greek Fairy Tales for my Children

by Charles Kingsley


This is Charles Kingsley's able retelling of the myths of Perseus, Jason and the Argonauts, and Theseus for young adults, originally published circa 1856. Kingsley is best known as the author of Water Babies. Although this is not the first time this text has appeared on the Internet, this is the only version with the complete set of Squire and Mars black and white and four-color art-deco illustrations. This includes two illustrations censored from later editions, probably because of female nudity. This also includes the original Preface, which was omitted from later editions. Otherwise the text, particularly the punctuation, was proofed according to a 1901 edition.

Title Page

The First Story--Perseus

Part One: How Perseus and His Mother Came to Seriphos
Part Two: How Perseus Vowed a Rash Vow
Part Three: How Perseus Slew the Gorgon
Part Four: How Perseus Came to the Æthiops
Part Five: How Perseus Came Home Again

The Second Story--The Argonauts

Part One: How the Centaur Trained the Heroes on Pelion
Part Two: How Jason Lost His Sandal in Anauros
Part Three: How They Built the Ship Argo in Iolcos
Part Four: How the Argonauts Sailed to Colchis
Part Five: How the Argonauts Were Driven into the Unknown Sea
Part Six: What was the end of the Heroes?

The Third Story--Theseus

Part One: How Theseus Lifted the Stone
Part Two: How Theseus Slew the Devourers of Men
Part Three: How Theseus Slew the Minotaur
Part Four: How Theseus Fell By His Pride