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(3.1326-1339) The bulls meantime raged exceedingly, breathing forth furious flame of fire; and their breath rose up like the roar of blustering winds, in fear of which above all seafaring men furl their large sail. But not long after that they moved on at the bidding of the spear; and behind them the rugged fallow was broken up, cloven by the might of the bulls and the sturdy ploughman. Then terribly groaned the clods withal along the furrows of the plough as they were rent, each a man's burden; and Jason followed, pressing down the cornfield with firm foot; and far from him he ever sowed the teeth along the clods as each was ploughed, turning his head back for fear lest the deadly crop of earthborn men should rise against him first; and the bulls toiled onwards treading with their hoofs of bronze.

1326 οἱ δ' εἵως μὲν δὴ περιώσια θυμαίνεσκον,
1327 λάβρον ἐπιπνείοντε πυρὸς σέλας: ὦρτο δ' ἀυτμὴ
1328 ἠύτε βυκτάων ἀνέμων βρόμος, οὕς τε μάλιστα
1329 δειδιότες μέγα λαῖφος ἁλίπλοοι ἐστείλαντο.
1330 δηρὸν δ' οὐ μετέπειτα κελευόμενοι ὑπὸ δουρὶ
1331 ἤισαν: ὀκριόεσσα δ' ἐρείκετο νειὸς ὀπίσσω,
1332 σχιζομένη ταύρων τε βίῃ κρατερῷ τ' ἀροτῆρι.
1333 δεινὸν δ' ἐσμαράγευν ἄμυδις κατὰ ὦλκας ἀρότρου
1334 βώλακες ἀγνύμεναι ἀνδραχθέες: εἵπετο δ' αὐτὸς
1335 λαῖον ἐπὶ στιβαρῷ πιέσας ποδί: τῆλε δ' ἑοῖο
1336 βάλλεν ἀρηρομένην αἰεὶ κατὰ βῶλον ὀδόντας
1337 ἐντροπαλιζόμενος, μή οἱ πάρος ἀντιάσειεν
1338 γηγενέων ἀνδρῶν ὀλοὸς στάχυς: οἱ δ' ἄρ' ἐπιπρὸ
1339 χαλκείῃς χηλῇσιν ἐρειδόμενοι πονέοντο.

(3.1340-1407) But when the third part of the day was still left as it wanes from dawn, and wearied labourers call for the sweet hour of unyoking to come to them straightway, then the fallow was ploughed by the tireless ploughman, four plough-gates though it was; and he loosed the plough from the oxen. Them he scared in flight towards the plain; but he went back again to the ship, while he still saw the furrows free of the earthborn men. And all round his comrades heartened him with their shouts. And in the helmet he drew from the river's stream and quenched his thirst with the water. Then he bent his knees till they grew supple, and filled his mighty heart with courage, raging like a boar, when it sharpens its teeth against the hunters, while from its wrathful mouth plenteous foam drips to the ground. By now the earthborn men were springing up over all the field; and the plot of Ares, the death-dealer, bristled with sturdy shields and double-pointed spears and shining helmets; and the gleam reached Olympus from beneath, flashing through the air. And as when abundant snow has fallen on the earth and the storm blasts have dispersed the wintry clouds under the murky night, and all the hosts of the stars appear shining through the gloom; so did those warriors shine springing up above the earth. But Jason bethought him of the counsels of Medea full of craft, and seized from the plain a huge round boulder, a terrible quoit of Ares Enyalius; four stalwart youths could not have raised it from the ground even a little. Taking it in his hands he threw it with a rush far away into their midst; and himself crouched unseen behind his shield, with full confidence. And the Colchians gave a loud cry, like the roar of the sea when it beats upon sharp crags; and speechless amazement seized Aeetes at the rush of the sturdy quoit. And the Earthborn, like fleet-footed hounds, leaped upon one another and slew with loud yells; and on earth their mother they fell beneath their own spears, likes pines or oaks, which storms of wind beat down. And even as a fiery star leaps from heaven, trailing a furrow of light, a portent to men, whoever see it darting with a gleam through the dusky sky; in such wise did Aeson's son rush upon the earthborn men, and he drew from the sheath his bare sword, and smote here and there, mowing them down, many on the belly and side, half risen to the air -- and some that had risen as far as the shoulders -- and some just standing upright, and others even now rushing to battle. And as when a fight is stirred up concerning boundaries, and a husbandman, in fear lest they should ravage his fields, seizes in his hand a curved sickle, newly sharpened, and hastily cuts the unripe crop, and waits not for it to be parched in due season by the beams of the sun; so at that time did Jason cut down the crop of the Earthborn; and the furrows were filled with blood, as the channels of a spring with water. And they fell, some on their faces biting the rough clod of earth with their teeth, some on their backs, and others on their hands and sides, like to sea- monsters to behold. And many, smitten before raising their feet from the earth, bowed down as far to the ground as they had risen to the air, and rested there with the damp of death on their brows. Even so, I ween, when Zeus has sent a measureless rain, new planted orchard-shoots droop to the ground, cut off by the root the toil of gardening men; but heaviness of heart and deadly anguish come to the owner of the farm, who planted them; so at that time did bitter grief come upon the heart of King Aeetes. And he went back to the city among the Colchians, pondering how he might most quickly oppose the heroes. And the day died, and Jason's contest was ended.

1340 ἦμος δὲ τρίτατον λάχος ἤματος ἀνομένοιο
1341 λείπεται ἐξ ἠοῦς, καλέουσι δὲ κεκμηῶτες
1342 ἐργατίναι γλυκερόν σφιν ἄφαρ βουλυτὸν ἱκέσθαι,
1343 τῆμος ἀρήροτο νειὸς ὑπ' ἀκαμάτῳ ἀροτῆρι,
1344 τετράγυός περ ἐοῦσα: βοῶν τ' ἀπελύετ' ἄροτρα.
1345 καὶ τοὺς μὲν πεδίονδε διεπτοίησε φέβεσθαι:
1346 αὐτὰρ ὁ ἂψ ἐπὶ νῆα πάλιν κίεν, ὄφρ' ἔτι κεινὰς
1347 γηγενέων ἀνδρῶν ἴδεν αὔλακας. ἀμφὶ δ' ἑταῖροι
1348 θάρσυνον μύθοισιν. ὁ δ' ἐκ ποταμοῖο ῥοάων
1349 αὐτῇ ἀφυσσάμενος κυνέῃ σβέσεν ὕδατι δίψαν:
1350 γνάμψε δὲ γούνατ' ἐλαφρά, μέγαν δ' ἐμπλήσατο θυμὸν
1351 ἀλκῆς, μαιμώων συῒ εἴκελος, ὅς ῥά τ' ὀδόντας
1352 θήγει θηρευτῇσιν ἐπ' ἀνδράσιν, ἀμφὶ δὲ πολλὸς
1353 ἀφρὸς ἀπὸ στὅματος χαμάδις ῥεῖ χωομένοιο.
1354 οἱ δ' ἤδη κατὰ πᾶσαν ἀνασταχύεσκον ἄρουραν
1355 γηγενέες: φρίξεν δὲ περὶ στιβαροῖς σακέεσσιν
1356 δούρασί τ' ἀμφιγύοις κορύθεσσί τε λαμπομένῃσιν
1357 Ἄρηος τέμενος φθισιμβρότου: ἵκετο δ' αἴγλη
1358 νειόθεν Οὔλυμπόνδε δι' ἠέρος ἀστράπτουσα.
1359 ὡς δ' ὁπότ' ἐς γαῖαν πολέος νιφετοῖο πεσόντος
1360 ἂψ ἀπὸ χειμερίας νεφέλας ἐκέσασσαν ἄελλαι
1361 λυγαίῃ ὑπὸ νυκτί, τὰ δ' ἀθρόα πάντ' ἐφαάνθη
1362 τείρεα λαμπετόωντα διὰ κνέφας: ὧς ἄρα τοίγε
1363 λάμπον ἀναλδήσκοντες ὑπὲρ χθονός. αὐτὰρ Ἰήσων
1364 μνήσατο Μηδείης πολυκερδέος ἐννεσιάων,
1365 λάζετο δ' ἐκ πεδίοιο μέγαν περιηγέα πέτρον,
1366 δεινὸν Ἐνυαλίου σόλον Ἄρεος: οὔ κέ μιν ἄνδρες
1367 αἰζηοὶ πίσυρες γαίης ἄπο τυτθὸν ἄειραν.
1368 τόν ῥ' ἀνὰ χεῖρα λαβὼν μάλα τηλόθεν ἔμβαλε μέσσοις
1369 ἀίξας: αὐτὸς δ' ὑφ' ἑὸν σάκος ἕζετο λάθρῃ
1370 θαρσαλέως. Κόλχοι δὲ μέγ' ἴαχον, ὡς ὅτε πόντος
1371 ἴαχεν ὀξείῃσιν ἐπιβρομέων σπιλάδεσσιν:
1372 τὸν δ' ἕλεν ἀμφασίη ῥιπῇ στιβαροῖο σόλοιο
1373 Αἰήτην. οἱ δ' ὥστε θοοὶ κύνες ἀμφιθορόντες
1374 ἀλλήλους βρυχηδὸν ἐδήιον: οἱ δ' ἐπὶ γαῖαν
1375 μητέρα πῖπτον ἑοῖς ὑπὸ δούρασιν, ἠύτε πεῦκαι
1376 ἢ δρύες, ἅς τ' ἀνέμοιο κατάικες δονέουσιν.
1377 οἷος δ' οὐρανόθεν πυρόεις ἀναπάλλεται ἀστὴρ
1378 ὁλκὸν ὑπαυγάζων, τέρας ἀνδράσιν, οἵ μιν ἴδωντοι
1379 μαρμαρυγῇ σκοτίοιο δι' ἠέρος ἀίξαντα:
1380 τοῖος ἄρ' Αἴσονος υἱὸς ἐπέσσυτο γηγενέεσσιν,
1381 γυμνὸν δ' ἐκ κολεοῖο φέρε ξίφος, οὖτα δὲ μίγδην
1382 ἀμώων, πολέας μὲν ἔτ' ἐς νηδὺν λαγόνας τε
1383 ἡμίσεας ἀνέχοντας ἐς ἠέρα: τοὺς δὲ καὶ ἄχρις
1384 ὤμων τελλομένους: τοὺς δὲ νέον ἑστηῶτας,
1385 τοὺς δ' ἤδη καὶ ποσσὶν ἐπειγομένους ἐς ἄρηα.
1386 ὡς δ' ὁπότ' ἀμφ' οὔροισιν ἐγειρομένου πολέμοιο,
1387 δείσας γειομόρος, μή οἱ προτάμωνται ἀρούρας,
1388 ἅρπην εὐκαμπῆ νεοθηγέα χερσὶ μεμαρπὼς
1389 ὠμὸν ἐπισπεύδων κείρει στάχυν, οὐδὲ βολῇσιν
1390 μίμνει ἐς ὡραίην τερσήμεναι ἠελίοιο:
1391 ὧς τότε γηγενέων κεῖρε στάχυν: αἵματι δ' ὁλκοὶ
1392 ἠύτε κρηναῖαι ἀμάραι πλήθοντο ῥοῇσιν.
1393 πῖπτον δ', οἱ μὲν ὀδὰξ τετρηχότα βῶλον ὀδοῦσιν
1394 λαζόμενοι πρηνεῖς, οἱ δ' ἔμπαλιν, οἱ δ' ἐπ' ἀγοστῷ
1395 καὶ πλευροῖς, κήτεσσι δομὴν ἀτάλαντοι ἰδέσθαι.
1396 πολλοὶ δ' οὐτάμενοι, πρὶν ὑπὸ χθονὸς ἴχνος ἀεῖραι,
1397 ὅσσον ἄνω προύτυψαν ἐς ἠέρα, τόσσον ἔραζε
1398 βριθόμενοι πλαδαροῖσι καρήασιν ἠρήρειντο.
1399 ἔρνεἀ που τοίως, Διὸς ἄσπετον ὀμβρήσαντος,
1400 φυταλιῇ νεόθρεπτα κατημύουσιν ἔραζε
1401 κλασθέντα ῥίζηθεν, ἀλωήων πόνος ἀνδρῶν:
1402 τὸν δὲ κατηφείη τε καὶ οὐλοὸν ἄλγος ἱκάνει
1403 κλήρου σημαντῆρα φυτοτρόφον: ὧς τότ' ἄνακτος
1404 Αἰήταο βαρεῖαι ὑπὸ φρένας ἦλθον ἀνῖαι.
1405 ἤιε δ' ἐς πτολίεθρον ὑπότροπος ἄμμιγα Κόλχοις,
1406 πορφύρων, ᾗ κέ σφι θοώτερον ἀντιόῳτο.
1407 ἦμαρ ἔδυ, καὶ τῷ τετελεσμένος ἦεν ἄεθλος.

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