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(3.1-5) Come now, Erato, stand by my side, and say next how Jason brought back the fleece to Iolcus aided by the love of Medea. For thou sharest the power of Cypris, and by thy love-cares dost charm unwedded maidens; wherefore to thee too is attached a name that tells of love.

1 Εἰ δ' ἄγε νῦν, Ἐρατώ, παρά θ' ἵστασο, καί μοι ἔνισπε,
2 ἔνθεν ὅπως ἐς Ἰωλκὸν ἀνήγαγε κῶας Ἰήσων
3 Μηδείης ὑπ' ἔρωτι. σὺ γὰρ καὶ Κύπριδος αἶσαν
4 ἔμμορες, ἀδμῆτας δὲ τεοῖς μελεδήμασι θέλγεις
5 παρθενικάς: τῶ καί τοι ἐπήρατον οὔνομ' ἀνῆπται.

(3.6-10) Thus the heroes, unobserved, were waiting in ambush amid the thick reed-beds; but Hera and Athena took note of them, and, apart from Zeus and the other immortals, entered a chamber and took counsel together; and Hera first made trial of Athena:

6     Ὧς οἱ μὲν πυκινοῖσιν ἀνωίστως δονάκεσσιν
7 μίμνον ἀριστῆες λελοχημένοι: αἱ δ' ἐνόησαν
8 Ἥρη Ἀθηναίη τε, Διὸς δ' αὐτοῖο καὶ ἄλλων
9 ἀθανάτων ἀπονόσφι θεῶν θάλαμόνδε κιοῦσαι
10 βούλευον: πείραζε δ' Ἀθηναίην πάρος Ἥρη:

(3.11-16) "Do thou now first, daughter of Zeus, give advice. What must be done? Wilt thou devise some scheme whereby they may seize the golden fleece of Aeetes and bear it to Hellas, or can they deceive the king with soft words and so work persuasion? Of a truth he is terribly overweening. Still it is right to shrink from no endeavour."

11     "Αὐτὴ νῦν προτέρη, θύγατερ Διός, ἄρχεο βουλῆς.
12 τί χρέος; ἠὲ δόλον τινὰ μήσεαι, ᾧ κεν ἑλόντες
13 χρύσεον Αἰήταο μεθ' Ἑλλάδα κῶας ἄγοιντο,
14 ἦ καὶ τόνγ' ἐπέεσσι παραιφάμενοι πεπίθοιεν
15 μειλιχίοις; ἦ γὰρ ὅγ' ὑπερφίαλος πέλει αἰνῶς.
16 ἔμπης δ' οὔτινα πεῖραν ἀποτρωπᾶσθαι ἔοικεν."

(3.17-21) Thus she spake, and at once Athena addressed her: "I too was pondering such thoughts in my heart, Hera, when thou didst ask me outright. But not yet do I think that I have conceived a scheme to aid the courage of the heroes, though I have balanced many plans."

17 Ὧς φάτο: τὴν δὲ παρᾶσσον Ἀθηναίη προσέειπεν:
18 "Καὶ δ' αὐτὴν ἐμὲ τοῖα μετὰ φρεσὶν ὁρμαίνουσαν,
19 Ἤρη, ἀπηλεγέως ἐξείρεαι. ἀλλά τοι οὔπω
20 φράσσασθαι νοέω τοῦτον δόλον, ὅστις ὀνήσει
21 θυμὸν ἀριστήων: πολέας δ' ἐπεδοίασα βουλάς."

(3.22-29) She ended, and the goddesses fixed their eyes on the ground at their feet, brooding apart; and straightway Hera was the first to speak her thought: "Come, let us go to Cypris; let both of us accost her and urge her to bid her son (if only he will obey) speed his shaft at the daughter of Aeetes, the enchantress, and charm her with love for Jason. And I deem that by her device he will bring back the fleece to Hellas."

22     ̂Ἠ, καὶ ἐπ' οὔδεος αἵγε ποδῶν πάρος ὄμματ' ἔπηξαν,
23 ἄνδιχα πορφύρουσαι ἐνὶ σφίσιν: αὐτίκα δ' Ἥρη
24 τοῖον μητιόωσα παροιτέρη ἔκφατο μῦθον:
25 "Δεῦρ' ἴομεν μετὰ Κύπριν: ἐπιπλόμεναι δέ μιν ἄμφω
26 παιδὶ ἑῷ εἰπεῖν ὀτρύνομεν, αἴ κε πίθηται
27 κούρην Αἰήτεω πολυφάρμακον οἷσι βέλεσσιν
28 θέλξαι ὀιστεύσας ἐπ' Ἰήσονι. τὸν δ' ἂν ὀίω
29 κείνης ἐννεσίῃσιν ἐς Ἑλλάδα κῶας ἀνάξειν."

(3.30-31) Thus she spake, and the prudent plan pleased Athena, and she addressed her in reply with gentle words:

30     Ὧς ἄρ' ἔφη: πυκινὴ δὲ συνεύαδε μῆτις Ἀθήνῃ,
31 καί μιν ἔπειτ' ἐξαῦτις ἀμείβετο μειλιχίοισιν:

(3.32-35) "Hera, my father begat me to be a stranger to the darts of love, nor do I know any charm to work desire. But if the word pleases thee, surely I will follow; but thou must speak when we meet her."

32 "Ἥρη, νήιδα μέν με πατὴρ τέκε τοῖο βολάων,
33 οὐδέ τινα χρειὼ θελκτήριον οἶδα πόθοιο.
34 εἰ δέ σοι αὐτῇ μῦθος ἐφανδάνει, ἦ τ' ἂν ἔγωγε
35 ἑσποίμην: σὺ δέ κεν φαίης ἔπος ἀντιόωσα."

(3.36-51) So she said, and starting forth they came to the mighty palace of Cypris, which her husband, the halt-footed god, had built for her when first he brought her from Zeus to be his wife. And entering the court they stood beneath the gallery of the chamber where the goddess prepared the couch of Hephaestus. But he had gone early to his forge and anvils to a broad cavern in a floating island where with the blast of flame he wrought all manner of curious work; and she all alone was sitting within, on an inlaid seat facing the door. And her white shoulders on each side were covered with the mantle of her hair and she was parting it with a golden comb and about to braid up the long tresses; but when she saw the goddesses before her, she stayed and called them within, and rose from her seat and placed them on couches. Then she herself sat down, and with her hands gathered up the locks still uncombed. And smiling she addressed them with crafty words:

36     ̂Ἠ, καὶ ἀναΐξασαι ἐπὶ μέγα δῶμα νέοντο
37 Κύπριδος, ὅ ῥά τέ οἱ δεῖμεν πόσις ἀμφιγυήεις,
38 ὁππότε μιν τὰ πρῶτα παραὶ Διὸς ἦγεν ἄκοιτιν.
39 ἕρκεα δ' εἰσελθοῦσαι ὑπ' αἰθούσῃ θαλάμοιο
40 ἔσταν, ἵν' ἐντύνεσκε θεὰ λέχος Ἡφαίστοιο.
41 ἀλλ' ὁ μὲν ἐς χαλκεῶνα καὶ ἄκμονας ἦρι βεβήκει,
42 νήσοιο πλαγκτῆς εὐρὺν μυχόν, ᾧ ἔνι πάντα
43 δαίδαλα χάλκευεν ῥιπῇ πυρός' ἡ δ' ἄρα μούνη
44 ἧστο δόμῳ δινωτὸν ἀνὰ θρόνον, ἄντα θυράων.
45 λευκοῖσιν δ' ἑκάτερθε κόμας ἐπιειμένη ὤμοις
46 κόσμει χρυσείῃ διὰ κερκίδι, μέλλε δὲ μακροὺς
47 πλέξασθαι πλοκάμους: τὰς δὲ προπάροιθεν ἰδοῦσα
48 ἔσχεθεν, εἴσω τέ σφ' ἐκάλει, καὶ ἀπὸ θρόνου ὦρτο,
49 εἷσέ τ' ἐνὶ κλισμοῖσιν: ἀτὰρ μετέπειτα καὶ αὐτὴ
50 ἵζανεν, ἀψήκτους δὲ χεροῖν ἀνεδήσατο χαίτας.
51 τοῖα δὲ μειδιόωσα προσέννεπεν αἱμυλίοισιν:

(3.52-54) "Good friends, what intent, what occasion brings you here after so long? Why have ye come, not too frequent visitors before, chief among goddesses that ye are?"

52    "Ἠθεῖαι, τίς δεῦρο νόος χρειω τε κομίζει
53 δηναιὰς αὔτως; τί δ' ἱκάνετον, οὔτι πάρος γε
54 λίην φοιτίζουσαι, ἐπεὶ περίεστε θεάων;"

(3.55-75) And to her Hera replied: "Thou dost mock us, but our hearts are stirred with calamity. For already on the river Phasis the son of Aeson moors his ship, he and his comrades in quest of the fleece. For all their sakes we fear terribly (for the task is nigh at hand) but most for Aeson's son. Him will I deliver, though he sail even to Hades to free Ixion below from his brazen chains, as far as strength lies in my limbs, so that Pelias may not mock at having escaped an evil doom -- Pelias who left me unhonoured with sacrifice. Moreover Jason was greatly loved by me before, ever since at the mouth of Anaurus in flood, as I was making trial of men's righteousness, he met me on his return from the chase; and all the mountains and long ridged peaks were sprinkled with snow, and from them the torrents rolling down were rushing with a roar. And he took pity on me in the likeness of an old crone, and raising me on his shoulders himself bore me through the headlong tide. So he is honoured by me unceasingly; nor will Pelias pay the penalty of his outrage, unless thou wilt grant Jason his return."

55     Τὴν δ' Ἥρη τοίοισιν ἀμειβομένη προσέειπεν:
56 "Κερτομέεις: νῶιν δὲ κέαρ συνορίνεται ἄτῃ.
57 ἤδη γὰρ ποταμῷ ἐνὶ Φάσιδι νῆα κατίσχει
58 Αἰσονίδης, ἠδ' ἄλλοι ὅσοι μετὰ κῶας ἕπονται.
59 τῶν ἤτοι πάντων μέν, ἐπεὶ πέλας ἔργον ὄρωρεν,
60 δείδιμεν ἐκπάγλως, περὶ δ' Αἰσονίδαο μάλιστα.
61 τὸν μὲν ἐγών, εἰ καί περ ἐς Ἄιδα ναυτίλληται
62 λυσόμενος χαλκέων Ἰξίονα νειόθι δεσμῶν,
63 ῥύσομαι, ὅσσον ἐμοῖσιν ἐνὶ σθένος ἔπλετο γυίοις,
64 ὄφρα μὴ ἐγγελάσῃ Πελίης κακὸν οἶτον ἀλύξας,
65 ὅς μ' ὑπερηνορέῃ θυέων ἀγέραστον ἔθηκεν.
66 καὶ δ' ἄλλως ἔτι καὶ πρὶν ἐμοὶ μέγα φίλατ' Ἰήσων
67 ἐξότ' ἐπὶ προχοῇσιν ἅλις πλήθοντος Ἀναύρου
68 ἀνδρῶν εὐνομίης πειρωμένῃ ἀντεβόλησεν
69 θήρης ἐξανιών: νιφετῷ δ' ἐπαλύνετο πάντα
70 οὔρεα καὶ σκοπιαὶ περιμήκεες, οἱ δὲ κατ' αὐτῶν
71 χείμαρροι καναχηδὰ κυλινδόμενοι φορέοντο.
72 γρηὶ δέ μ' εἰσαμένην ὀλοφύρατο, καί μ' ἀναείρας
73 αὐτὸς ἑοῖς ὤμοισι διὲκ προαλὲς φέρεν ὕδωρ.
74 τῶ νύ μοι ἄλληκτον περιτίεται: οὐδέ κε λώβην
75 τίσειεν Πελίης, εἰ μή σύ γε νόστον ὀπάσσεις."

(3.76-82) Thus she spake, and speechlessness seized Cypris. And beholding Hera supplicating her she felt awe, and then addressed her with friendly words: "Dread goddess, may no viler thing than Cypris ever be found, if I disregard thy eager desire in word or deed, whatever my weak arms can effect; and let there be no favour in return."

76     Ὧς ηὔδα: Κύπριν δ' ἐνεοστασίη λάβε μύθων.
77 ἅζετο δ' ἀντομένην Ἥρην ἕθεν εἰσορόωσα,
78 καί μιν ἔπειτ' ἀγανοῖσι προσέννεπεν ἥγ' ἐπέεσσιν:
79 "Πότνα θεά, μή τοί τι κακώτερον ἄλλο πέλοιτο
80 Κύπριδος, εἰ δὴ σεῖο λιλαιομένης ἀθερίζω
81 ἢ ἔπος ἠέ τι ἔργον, ὅ κεν χέρες αἵγε κάμοιεν
82 ἠπεδαναί: καὶ μή τις ἀμοιβαίη χάρις ἔστω."

(3.83-89) She spake, and Hera again addressed her with prudence: "It is not in need of might or of strength that we have come. But just quietly bid thy boy charm Aeetes' daughter with love for Jason. For if she will aid him with her kindly counsel, easily do I think he will win the fleece of gold and return to Iolcus, for she is full of wiles."

83     Ὧς ἔφαθ': Ἥρη δ' αὖτις ἐπιφραδέως ἀγορευσεν:
84 "Οὔτι βίης χατέουσαι ἱκάνομεν, οὐδέ τι χειρῶν.
85 ἀλλ' αὔτως ἀκέουσα τεῷ ἐπικέκλεο παιδὶ
86 παρθένον Αἰήτεω θέλξαι πόθῳ Αἰσονίδαο.
87 εἰ γάρ οἱ κείνη συμφράσσεται εὐμενέουσα,
88 ῥηιδίως μιν ἑλόντα δέρος χρύσειον ὀίω
89 νοστήσειν ἐς Ἰωλκόν, ἐπεὶ δολόεσσα τέτυκται."

(3.90-99) Thus she spake, and Cypris addressed them both: "Hera and Athena, he will obey you rather than me. For unabashed though he is, there will be some slight shame in his eyes before you; but he has no respect for me, but ever slights me in contentious mood. And, overborne by his naughtiness, I purpose to break his ill-sounding arrows and his bow in his very sight. For in his anger he has threatened that if I shall not keep my hands off him while he still masters his temper, I shall have cause to blame myself thereafter."

90     Ὧς ἄρ' ἔφη: Κύπρις δὲ μετ' ἀμφοτέρῃσιν ἔειπεν:
91 "Ἥρη, Ἀθηναίη τε, πίθοιτό κεν ὔμμι μάλιστα,
92 ἢ ἐμοί. ὑμείων γὰρ ἀναιδήτῳ περ ἐόντι
93 τυτθή γ' αἰδὼς ἔσσετ' ἐν ὄμμασιν: αὐτὰρ ἐμεῖο
94 οὐκ ὄθεται, μάλα δ' αἰὲν ἐριδμαίνων ἀθερίζει.
95 καὶ δή οἱ μενέηνα, περισχομένη κακότητι,
96 αὐτοῖσιν τόξοισι δυσηχέας ἆξαι ὀιστοὺς
97 ἀμφαδίην. τοῖον γὰρ ἐπηπείλησε χαλεφθείς,
98 εἰ μὴ τηλόθι χεῖρας, ἕως ἔτι θυμὸν ἐρύκει,
99 ἕξω ἐμάς, μετέπειτά γ' ἀτεμβοίμην ἑοῖ αὐτῇ."

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