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(2.911-929) Next they beheld the barrow of Sthenelus, Actor's son, who on his way back from the valorous war against the Amazons -- for he had been the comrade of Heracles -- was struck by an arrow and died there upon the sea-beach. And for a time they went no further, for Persephone herself sent forth the spirit of Actor's son which craved with many tears to behold men like himself, even for a moment. And mounting on the edge of the barrow he gazed upon the ship, such as he was when he went to war; and round his head a fair helm with four peaks gleamed with its blood-red crest. And again he entered the vast gloom; and they looked and marvelled; and Mopsus, son of Ampycus, with word of prophecy urged them to land and propitiate him with libations. Quickly they drew in sail and threw out hawsers, and on the strand paid honour to the tomb of Sthenelus, and poured out drink offerings to him and sacrificed sheep as victims. And besides the drink offerings they built an altar to Apollo, saviour of ships, and burnt thigh bones; and Orpheus dedicated his lyre; whence the place has the name of Lyra.

911     Ἔνθεν δὲ Σθενέλου τάφον ἔδρακον Ἀκτορίδαο,
912 ὅς ῥά τ' Ἀμαζονίδων πολυθαρσέος ἐκ πολέμοιο
913 ἂψ ἀνιὼν--δὴ γὰρ συνανήλυθεν Ἡρακλῆι--
914 βλήμενος ἰῷ κεῖθεν ἐπ' ἀγχιάλου θάνεν ἀκτῆς.
915 οὐ μέν θην προτέρω ἔτ' ἐμέτρεον. ἧκε γὰρ αὐτὴ
916 Φερσεφόνη ψυχὴν πολυδάκρυον Ἀκτορίδαο
917 λισσομένην τυτθόν περ ὁμήθεας ἄνδρας ἰδέσθαι.
918 τύμβου δὲ στεφάνης ἐπιβὰς σκοπιάζετο νῆα
919 τοῖος ἐών, οἷος πόλεμόνδ' ἴεν: ἀμφὶ δὲ καλὴ
920 τετράφαλος φοίνικι λόφῳ ἐπελάμπετο πήληξ.
921 καί ῥ' ὁ μὲν αὖτις ἔδυνε μέγαν ζόφον: οἱ δ' ἐσιδόντες
922 θάμβησαν: τοὺς δ' ὦρσε θεοπροπέων ἐπικέλσαι
923 Ἀμπυκίδης Μόψος λοιβῇσί τε μειλίξασθαι.
924 οἱ δ' ἀνὰ μὲν κραιπνῶς λαῖφος σπάσαν, ἐκ δὲ βαλόντες
925 πείσματ' ἐν αἰγιαλῷ Σθενέλου τάφον ἀμφεπένοντο,
926 χύτλα τέ οἱ χεύοντο, καὶ ἥγνισαν ἔντομα μήλων.
927 ἄνδιχα δ' αὖ χύτλων νηοσσόῳ Ἀπόλλωνι
928 βωμὸν δειμάμενοι μῆρ' ἔφλεγον ἂν δὲ καὶ Ὀρφεὺς
929 θῆκε λύρην: ἐκ τοῦ δὲ Λύρη πέλει οὔνομα χώρῳ.

(2.930-945) And straightway they went aboard as the wind blew strong; and they drew the sail down, and made it taut to both sheets; then Argo was borne over the sea swiftly, even as a hawk soaring high through the air commits to the breeze its outspread wings and is borne on swiftly, nor swerves in its flight, poising in the clear sky with quiet pinions. And lo, they passed by the stream of Parthenius as it flows into the sea, a most gentle river, where the maid, daughter of Leto, when she mounts to heaven after the chase, cools her limbs in its much-desired waters. Then they sped onward in the night without ceasing, and passed Sesamus and lofty Erythini, Crobialus, Cromna and woody Cytorus. Next they swept round Carambis at the rising of the sun, and plied the oars past long Aegialus, all day and on through the night.

930     Αὐτίκα δ' οἵγ' ἀνέμοιο κατασπέρχοντος ἔβησαν
931 νῆ' ἔπι: κὰδ δ' ἄρα λαῖφος ἐρυσσάμενοι τανύοντο
932 ἐς πόδας ἀμφοτέρους: ἡ δ' ἐς πέλαγος πεφόρητο
933 ἐντενές, ἠύτε τίς τε δι' ἠέρος ὑψόθι κίρκος
934 ταρσὸν ἐφεὶς πνοιῇ φέρεται ταχύς, οὐδὲ τινάσσει
935 ῥιπήν, εὐκήλοισιν ἐνευδιόων πτερύγεσσιν.
936 καὶ δὴ Παρθενίοιο ῥοὰς ἁλιμυρήεντος,
937 πρηυτάτου ποταμοῦ, παρεμέτρεον, ᾧ ἔνι κούρη
938 Λητωίς, ἄγρηθεν ὅτ' οὐρανὸν εἰσαναβαίνῃ,
939 ὃν δέμας ἱμερτοῖσιν ἀναψύχει ὑδάτεσσιν.
940 νυκτί δ' ἔπειτ' ἄλληκτον ἐπιπροτέρωσε θέοντες
941 Σήσαμον αἰπεινούς τε παρεξενέοντ' Ἐρυθίνους,
942 Κρωβίαλον, Κρώμναν τε καὶ ὑλήεντα Κύτωρον.
943 ἔνθεν δ' αὖτε Κάραμβιν ἅμ' ἠελίοιο βολῇσιν
944 γνάμψαντες παρὰ πουλὺν ἔπειτ' ἤλαυνον ἐρετμοῖς
945 Αἰγιαλὸν πρόπαν ἦμαρ ὁμῶς καὶ ἐπ' ἤματι fύκτα.

(2.946-965) And straightway they landed on the Assyrian shore where Zeus himself gave a home to Sinope, daughter of Asopus, and granted her virginity, beguiled by his own promises. For he longed for her love, and he promised to grant her whatever her hearts desire might be. And she in her craftiness asked of him virginity. And in like manner she deceived Apollo too who longed to wed her, and besides them the river Halys, and no man ever subdued her in love's embrace. And there the sons of noble Deimachus of Tricca were still dwelling, Deileon, Autolycus and Phlogius, since the day when they wandered far away from Heracles; and they, when they marked the array of chieftains, went to meet them and declared in truth who they were; and they wished to remain there no longer, but as soon as Argestes blew went on ship-board. And so with them, borne along by the swift breeze, the heroes left behind the river Halys, and left behind his that flows hard by, and the delta-land of Assyria; and on the same day they rounded the distant headland of the Amazons that guards their harbour.

946    Αὐτίκα δ' Ἀσσυρίης ἐπέβαν χθονός, ἔνθα Σινώπην,
947 θυγατέρ' Ἀσωποῖο, καθίσσατο, καί οἱ ὄπασσεν
948 παρθενίην Ζεὺς αὐτός, ὑποσχεσίῃσι δολωθείς.
949 δὴ γὰρ ὁ μὲν φιλότητος ἐέλδετο: νεῦσε δ' ὅγ' αὐτῇ
950 δωσέμεναι, ὅ κεν ᾗσι μετὰ φρεσὶν ἰθύσειεν.
951 ἡ δέ ἑ παρθενίην ᾐτήσατο κερδοσύνῃσιν.
952 ὧς δὲ καὶ Ἀπόλλωνα παρήπαφεν εὐνηθῆναι
953 ἱέμενον, ποταμόν τ' ἐπὶ τοῖς Ἅλυν: οὐδὲ μὲν ἀνδρῶν
954 τήνγε τις ἱμερτῇσιν ἐν ἀγκοίνῃσι δάμασσεν.
955 ἔνθα δὲ Τρικκαίοιο ἀγαυοῦ Δηιμάχοιο
956 υἷες, Δηιλέων τε καὶ Αὐτόλυκος Φλογίος τε
957 τῆμος ἔθ', Ἡρακλῆος ἀποπλαγχθέντες, ἔναιον:
958 οἵ ῥα τόθ', ὡς ἐνόησαν ἀριστήων στόλον ἀνδρῶν,
959 σφᾶς αὐτοὺς νημερτὲς ἐπέφραδον ἀντιάσαντες:
960 οὐδ' ἔτι μιμνάζειν θέλον ἔμπεδον, ἀλλ' ἐνὶ νηί,
961 Ἀργέσταο παρᾶσσον ἐπιπνείοντος, ἔβησαν.
962 τοῖσι δ' ὁμοῦ μετέπειτα θοῇ πεφορημένοι αὔρῃ
963 λεῖπον Ἅλυν ποταμόν, λεῖπον δ' ἀγχίρροον ̂Ἰριν,
964 ἠδὲ καὶ Ἀσσυρίης πρόχυσιν χθονός: ἤματι δ' αὐτῷ
965 γνάμψαν Ἀμαζονίδων ἕκαθεν λιμενήοχον ἄκρην.

(2.966-1001) Here once when Melanippe, daughter of Ares, had, gone forth, the hero Heracles caught her by ambuscade and Hippolyte gave him her glistening girdle as her sister's ransom, and he sent away his captive unharmed. In the bay of this headland, at the outfall of Thermodon, they ran ashore, for the sea was rough for their voyage. No river is like this, and none sends forth from itself such mighty streams over the land. If a man should count every one he would lack but four of a hundred, but the real spring is only one. This flows down to the plain from lofty mountains, which, men say, are called the Amazonian mountains. Thence it spreads inland over a hilly country straight forward; wherefrom its streams go winding on, and they roll on, this way and that ever more, wherever best they can reach the lower ground, one at a distance and another near at hand; and many streams are swallowed up in the sand and are without a name; but, mingled with a few, the main stream openly bursts with its arching crest of foam into the inhospitable Pontus. And they would have tarried there and have closed in battle with the Amazons, and would have fought not without bloodshed for the Amazons were not gentle foes and regarded not justice, those dwellers on the Doeantian plain; but grievous insolence and the works of Ares were all their care; for by race they were the daughters of Ares and the nymph Harmonia, who bare to Ares war-loving maids, wedded to him in the glens of the Acmonian wood had not the breezes of Argestes come again from Zeus; and with the wind they left the rounded beach, where the Themiscyreian Amazons were arming for war. For they dwelt not gathered together in one city, but scattered over the land, parted into three tribes. In one part dwelt the Themiscyreians, over whom at that time Hippolyte reigned, in another the Lycastians, and in another the dart-throwing Chadesians. And the next day they sped on and at nightfall they reached the land of the Chalybes.

966     Ἔνθα ποτὲ προμολοῦσαν Ἀρητιάδα Μελανίππην
967 ἥρως Ἡρακλέης ἐλοχήσατο, καί οἱ ἄποινα
968 Ἱππολύτη ζωστῆρα παναίολον ἐγγυάλιξεν
969 ἀμφὶ κασιγνήτης: ὁ δ' ἀπήμονα πέμψεν ὀπίσσω.
970 τῆς οἵγ' ἐν κόλπῳ, προχοαῖς ἔπι Θερμώδοντος,
971 κέλσαν, ἐπεὶ καὶ πόντος ὀρίνετο νισσομένοισιν.
972 τῷ δ' οὔτις ποταμῶν ἐναλίγκιος, οὐδὲ ῥέεθρα
973 τόσσ' ἐπὶ γαῖαν ἵησι παρὲξ ἕθεν ἄνδιχα βάλλων.
974 τετράκις εἰς ἑκατὸν δεύοιτό κεν, εἴ τις ἕκαστα
975 πεμπάζοι: μία δ' οἴη ἐτήτυμος ἔπλετο πηγή.
976 ἡ μέν τ' ἐξ ὀρέων κατανίσσεται ἤπειρόνδε
977 ὑψηλῶν, ἅ τέ φασιν Ἀμαζόνια κλείεσθαι.
978 ἔνθεν δ' αἰπυτέρην ἐπικίδναται ἔνδοθι γαῖαν
979 ἀντικρύ: τῶ καί οἱ ἐπίστροφοί εἰσι κέλευθοι:
980 αἰεὶ δ' ἄλλυδις ἄλλη, ὅπῃ κύρσειε μάλιστα
981 ἠπείρου χθαμαλῆς, εἱλίσσεται: ἡ μὲν ἄπωθεν,
982 ἡ δὲ πέλας: πολέες δὲ πόροι νώνυμνοι ἔασιν,
983 ὅππῃ ὑπεξαφύονται: ὁ δ' ἀμφαδὸν ἄμμιγα παύροις
984 Πόντον ἐς Ἄξεινον κυρτὴν ὑπερεύγεται ἄκρην.
985 καί νύ κε δηθύνοντες Ἀμαζονίδεσσιν ἔμιξαν
986 ὑσμίνην, καὶ δ' οὔ κεν ἀναιμωτί γ' ἐρίδηναν--
987 οὐ γὰρ Ἀμαζονίδες μάλ' ἐπήτιδες, οὐδὲ θέμιστας
988 τίουσαι πεδίον Δοιάντιον ἀμφενέμοντο:
989 ἀλλ' ὕβρις στονόεσσα καὶ Ἄρεος ἔργα μεμήλει:
990 δὴ γὰρ καὶ γενεὴν ἔσαν Ἄρεος Ἁρμονίης τε
991 νύμφης, ἥ τ' Ἄρηϊ φιλοπτολέμους τέκε κούρας,
992 ἄλσεος Ἀκμονίοιο κατὰ πτύχας εὐνηθεῖσα--
993 εἰ μὴ ἄρ' ἐκ Διόθεν πνοιαὶ πάλιν Ἀργέσταο
994 ἤλυθον: οἱ δ' ἀνέμῳ περιηγέα κάλλιπον ἀκτήν,
995 ἔνθα Θεμισκύρειαι Ἀμαζόνες ὡπλίζοντο.
996 οὐ γὰρ ὁμηγερέες μίαν ἂμ πόλιν, ἀλλ' ἀνὰ γαῖαν
997 κεκριμέναι κατὰ φῦλα διάτριχα ναιετάασκον:
998 νόσφι μὲν αἵδ' αὐταί, τῇσιν τότε κοιρανέεσκεν
999 Ἱππολύτη, νόσφιν δὲ Λυκάστιαι ἀμφενέμοντο,
1000 νόσφι δ' ἀκοντοβόλοι Χαδήσιαι. ἤματι δ' ἄλλῳ
1001 νυκτί τ' ἐπιπλομένῃ Χαλύβων παρὰ γαῖαν ἵκοντο.

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