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Prose, by Lawrence Alma-Tadema [1879] (Public Domain Image)
Prose, by Lawrence Alma-Tadema [1879] (Public Domain Image)

Apollonius of Tyana

by G.R.S. Mead


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Again, on another occasion, at Rhodes, Damis asked him if he thought anything greater than the famous Colossus. "I do," replied Apollonius; "the man who walks in wisdom's guileless paths that give us health." -- p. 137.

Title Page
Section I. Introductory
Section II. The Religious Associations and Communities of the First Century
Section III. India and Greece
Section IV. The Apollonius of Early Opinion
Section V. Texts, Translations, and Literature
Section VI. The Biographer of Apollonius
Section VII. Early Life
Section VIII. The Travels of Apollonius
Section IX. In the Shrines of the Temples and the Retreats of Religion
Section X. The Gymnosophists of Upper Egypt
Section XI. Apollonius and the Rulers of the Empire
Section XII. Apollonius the Prophet and Wonder-Worker
Section XIII. His Mode of Life
Section XIV. Himself and his Circle
Section XV. From his Sayings and Sermons
Section XVI. From His Letters
Section XVII. The Writings of Apollonius
Section XVIII. Bibliographical Notes