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Rev. 22:1.

"And he shewed me a pure 'RIVER OF WATER OF LIFE,' clear as crystal, proceeding out of the Throne of God, and of the Lamb."

The waters of earthly rivers are not crystal clear. Many of them are muddy and contaminated with sewerage. This wonderful river is called the River of the "Water of Life," because of its "life giving" properties. Earthly streams have their source in some mountain spring, but the "River of Life" has its source in the Throne of God. Rev. 22:1.

Somewhere on that "Pyramidal Mountain" in the centre of the City, probably on its summit, will rest

"The Throne of God,"

from under the seat of which shall flow down in cascades, from terrace to terrace, the crystal stream that shall feed that wonderful "River of Life."

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