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1. The Colossus.

We now turn to Daniel. The Book of Daniel may be divided into two parts. The first six chapters are Historical, the last six are Prophetical. The Book contains one "Dream" by Nebuchadnezzar, and four "Visions" by Daniel, all relating to the "Times of the Gentiles." Nebuchadnezzar in his "Dream" saw a "Great Image" or "COLOSSUS." The Head of the "Image" was of fine gold, its Breast and Arms of silver, its Belly (Abdomen) and Thighs (Hips) of brass, its Legs of iron, and its Feet of iron and clay. This Image was destroyed by a "Stone" cut out of a mountain supernaturally. The "Stone" in turn became a great mountain and filled the WHOLE EARTH. Dan. 2:31-35. The four metals of which the "COLOSSUS" was composed represented Four Worldwide Empires which were to arise in succession. Dan. 2:37-40. Four great Empires, and only four, were to succeed each other in the government of the world, from Nebuchadnezzar (B. C. 606) to the "Second Coming" of Christ--the Babylonian, Medo-Persian, Grecian, and Roman. These Empires are not only made known as to number, but their names, in the order of their succession, are given. The First--"BABYLONIAN" is indicated by Daniel while interpreting the vision to Nebuchadnezzar. "THOU art this Head of Gold." Dan. 2:38. The Second--the "MEDO-PERSIAN," Daniel points out in

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Antichrist and the ''Times of the Gentiles''
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Antichrist and the ''Times of the Gentiles''


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his account of "Belshazzar's Feast," by the emphatic words--"In that night was Belshazzar the King of the Chaldeans slain, and Darius the MEDIAN took the Kingdom." Dan. 5:30-31. The Third--the "GRECIAN," is mentioned in Dan. 8:20-21, "the Ram which thou sawest having 'two horns' are the kings of Media and Persia, and the 'Rough Goat' is the King of Grecia (Greece)." The Fourth--the "ROMAN," is referred to in Dan. 9:26 as--"the PEOPLE of the 'Prince' that should destroy the city (Jerusalem) and the Sanctuary," and we know that it was the ROMANS under Titus, that destroyed Jerusalem in A. D. 70. While these Four Great Empires were to follow each other in the order named, they were not to follow without a break. The Babylonian lasted from B. C. 606 to B. C. 538. The Medo-Persian from B. C. 538 to B. C. 330. The Grecian from B. C. 330 to B. C. 323. Then the Grecian was broken up into four parts, Thrace, Macedonia, Syria, and Egypt, and the last of these was conquered by the Romans in B. C. 30, and the Roman Empire lasted from B. C. 30 to A. D. 364, when it was divided into its Eastern and Western Divisions. Since then there has been no leading world Empire, and cannot be according to this prophecy until Christ sets up His "STONE" or "Millennial Kingdom," as represented by the "Stone" that smites the "COLOSSUS" on its feet, for this "STONE KINGDOM" is to fill the whole earth, and thus be universal. This "STONE" cannot be Christianity, for it does not fill the earth by degrees, and thus crowd out the "COLOSSUS," but it at One Blow DEMOLISHES IT. The action of the "STONE" is that of JUDGMENT not Grace, and is SUDDEN and CALAMITOUS. Again the TIME of the destruction is not until after the formation of the Toes, and we know that the "TWO LIMBS" did not appear until A. D. 364, and the "TEN TOES" have not yet developed. The TIME when the "STONE" falls on the "FEET" we are told is "in the days of THOSE KINGS" (Dan. 2:44), that is the Kings represented by the "Ten Toes," which as we shall see corresponds with the "Ten Horns" of Daniel's "Fourth Wild Beast," Dan. 7:7-8, and with the "Ten Kings" of John's "Beast." Rev. 17:12. The first Four Kingdoms were literal Kingdoms, and so must the "Stone Kingdom" be, for it is to take the place of those Kingdoms and fill the whole earth. It represents therefore the "Millennial Kingdom" of Christ, for He is the "STONE" of the Scriptures. Matt. 21:44.

From what has been said we see that the "COLOSSUS" of "Nebuchadnezzar's Dream" symbolized the "World Kingdoms" in their Unity and Historical Succession. Gentile dominion is represented by a huge "METALLIC MAN." The degeneration of the "World Kingdoms" is seen in the diminishing value of the metals used. Silver is worth less than gold, brass than silver, iron than brass, and clay than iron. The weight of the "COLOSSUS" also declines; the specific gravity of gold is 19.5, of silver 10.47, of brass 8, of cast-iron 5, and of clay 1.93. The "Colossus" is TOP HEAVY. The character of the governing power also deteriorates from an "Absolute Monarchy" under Nebuchadnezzar, to an "Autocratic Democracy" symbolized by the mixture of the iron and clay of the

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[paragraph continues] Feet. In other words the governing power passes from the Head, the organ that ought to direct the members of the body, to the Feet, which are only made to carry the body whither the Head directs. We have dwelt thus at length on the "Colossus," for it is only as we understand it, that we can understand the meaning of the "Wild Beasts" that Daniel saw come up out of the sea.

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