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Matthew 26; John 13.

First Point. First: He ate the Paschal Lamb with His twelve Apostles, to whom He foretold His death. "`In truth, I say to you that one of you is to sell Me.'"

Second Point. Second: He washed the Disciples' feet, even those of Judas, commencing from St. Peter, who, considering the Majesty of the Lord and his own baseness, not wanting to consent, said: "Lord, dost Thou wash my feet?" But St. Peter did not know that in that He gave an example of humility, and for this He said: "`I have given you an example, that you may do as I did.'"

Third Point. Third: He instituted the most sacred sacrifice of the Eucharist, to be the greatest mark of His love, saying: "`Take and eat.'" The Supper finished, Judas went forth to sell Christ our Lord.

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