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When then the Saviour had said this, he said unto his disciples: "Understand ye in what manner I speak with you?"

And Mary answered again and said: "Yea, my Lord, already have I seized on all the words

p. 252

Mary interpreteth the same from Psalm xxxi.which thou sayest. Now, therefore, my Lord, concerning the word which thou sayest: |304. 'All the mysteries of the three spaces forgive sins and cover their [sc. the souls'] iniquities,'--David, the prophet, then hath prophesied aforetime concerning this word, saying: 'Blessed are they whose sins are forgiven and whose iniquities are covered.'

"And the word which thou hast spoken: 'The mystery of the First Mystery and the mystery of the Ineffable forgive all men who shall receive those mysteries, not only the sins which they have committed from the beginning onwards, but also they impute them not to them from this hour unto all eternity,'--concerning this word David hath prophesied aforetime, saying: 'Blessed are those to whom the Lord God will not impute sins,'--that is: Sins will not be imputed from this hour to those who have received the mysteries of the First Mystery and who have received the mystery of the Ineffable."

He said: "Well said, Mary, thou spiritual and light-pure Mary. This is the solution of the word."

And Mary continued again and said: "My Lord, if the man receiveth mysteries from the mysteries |305. of the First Mystery and again turneth and sinneth and transgresseth, and if he thereafter again turneth and repenteth and prayeth in any [mystery] of his mystery, will it be forgiven him, or not?"

The Saviour answered and said unto Mary: "Amēn, amēn, I say unto you: Every one who shall receive the mysteries of the First Mystery,

p. 253

Of forgiveness even unto twelve times of those who have received the mysteries of the First Mystery.if he again turneth and transgresseth twelve times and again twelve times repenteth, praying in the mystery of the First Mystery, it will be forgiven.

"But if after the twelve times he again transgresseth and turneth and transgresseth, it will not be forgiven him for ever, so that he should turn himself to any [mystery] of his mystery; and this [man] hath not repentance unless he receiveth the mysteries of the Ineffable, which have compassion at every time and forgive at every time."

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