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And when Mary had said this, the First Mystery said unto her, "Well said, finely, Mary, blessed one."

And he continued |162. again in the discourse and said unto the disciples: "Sophia again continued in this song and said:

Sophia continueth her song."'1. The Light hath become my saviour.

"'2. And it hath changed my darkness into light, and it has rent the chaos which surrounded me and girded me with light.'"

It came to pass then, when the First Mystery had finished saying these words, that Martha came forward and said: "My Lord, thy power hath prophesied aforetime through David concerning these words:

Martha interpreteth from Psalm xxix."'10. The Lord hath become my helper.

"'11. He hath changed my lamentation into joy; he hath rent my mourning-robe and girded me with joy.'"

And it came to pass when the First Mystery had heard Martha speak these words, that he said: "Well said, and finely, Martha."

p. 137

And the First Mystery continued again and said unto the disciples: "Pistis Sophia again continued in the song and said:

Sophia continueth her song."'1. My power, sing praises to the Light and forget not all the powers of the Light which it hath given unto thee.

"'2. And the powers which are in thee, sing praises to the name of his holy mystery;

"'3. Who forgiveth all thy transgression, who saveth thee from all the afflictions with which the emanations of Self-willed have constrained thee;

"'4. Who hath saved thy light |163. from the emanations of Self-willed which belong to destruction; who hath wreathed thee with light in his compassion, until he saved thee;

"'5. Who hath filled thee with purified light; and thy beginning will renew itself as an invisible of the Height.'

"With these words Pistis Sophia sang praises, because she was saved and remembered all things which I had done unto her."

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