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It came to pass then when the First Mystery had heard Thomas say these words, that he said unto him: "Well said, finely, Thomas, blessed one. This is the solution of the song which Pistis Sophia hath uttered."

And the First Mystery continued again and said unto the disciples: "And Pistis Sophia continued and sang praises unto me, saying:

Sophia singeth another song of praise."'1. I sing a song unto thee; |154. through thy commandment hast thou led me down out of the higher æon which is above, and hast led me up to the regions which are below.

"'2. And again through thy commandment thou hast saved me out of the regions which are below, and through thee hast thou taken there the matter in my light-powers, and I have seen it.

"'3. And thou hast scattered far from me the emanations of Self-willed which constrained me and were hostile to me, and hast bestowed power on me to loose myself from the bonds of the emanations of Adamas.

"'4. And thou hast smitten the basilisk with the seven heads and cast it out with my hands and hast set me above its matter. Thou hast destroyed it, so that its seed may not raise itself up from now on.

"'5. And thou Wert with me, giving me power

p. 130

in all this, and thy light surrounded me in all regions, and through thee hast thou made all the emanations of Self-willed powerless.

"'6. For thou hast taken the power of their light from them and made straight my way to lead me out of the chaos.

"'7. And thou hast removed me from the material darknesses and taken from them all my powers, from which the light had been taken.

"'8. Thou hast put into them purified light and unto all my limbs, |155. in which was no light, thou hast given purified light from the Light of the Height.

"'9. And thou hast made straight the way for them [sc. my limbs], and the light of thy face hath become for me life indestructible.

"'10. Thou hast led me forth above the chaos, the region of chaos and extermination, in order that all the matters in it which are in that region, might be unloosed and all my powers be renewed in thy light, and thy light be in them all.

"'11. Thou hast deposited the light of thy stream in me and I am become purified light.'

"This again is the second song which Pistis Sophia hath uttered. Who then hath understood this repentance, let him come forward and speak it."

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