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When then Jesus had said this unto his disciples, he said unto them: "Now, therefore, let him whom his spirit stirreth, come forward and speak the solution of the tenth repentance of Pistis Sophia."

Peter answered and said: "O Lord, concerning this thy light-power prophesied aforetime through David in the one-hundred-and-nineteenth Psalm; saying:

Peter interpreteth the tenth repentance from Psalm cxix."'1. I cried unto thee, O Lord, in my oppression, and thou hearkenest unto me.

"'2. O Lord, save |101. my soul from unjust lips and from crafty tongues.

"'3. What will be given unto thee or what will be added unto thee with a crafty tongue?

"'4. The arrows of the strong [one] are made sharp with the coal of the desert.

p. 84

"'5. Woe unto me, that my dwelling is far off, and I dwelt in the tents of Kedar.

"'6. My soul hath dwelt in many regions as a guest.

"'7. I was peaceful with them who hate peace; if I spake unto them, they fought against me without a cause.'

"This is now, therefore, O Lord, the solution of the tenth repentance of Pistis Sophia, which she hath uttered when the material emanations of Self-willed oppressed her, they and his lion-faced power, and when they oppressed her exceedingly."

Jesus commendeth Peter.Jesus said unto him: "Well said, Peter, and finely. This is the solution of the tenth repentance of Pistis Sophia."

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