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Adamas and the tyrants fight against the light."It came to pass then, when all those who are in the twelve æons saw the great light which was about me, that they were all thrown into agitation one over against the other, and ran hither and thither in the æons. And all æons and all heavens and their whole ordering were agitated one over against the other on |25. account of the great fear which was on them, for they knew not the mystery which had taken place. And Adamas, the great Tyrant, and all the tyrants in all the æons began to fight in vain against the light, and they knew not against whom they fought, because they saw nothing but the overmastering light.

"It came to pass then, when they fought against the light, that they were weakened all together one with another, were dashed down in the æons and became as the inhabitants of the earth, dead and without breath of life.

He taketh from them a third of their power."And I took from all a third of their power, that they should no more be active in their evil doings, and that, if the men who are in the world, invoke them in their mysteries--those which the angels who transgressed have brought down, that is their sorceries,--in order that, therefore, if they invoke them in their evil doings, they may not be able to accomplish them.

He changeth the motion of their spheres."And the Fate and the sphere over which they rule, I have changed and brought it to pass that they spend six months turned to the left and accomplish their influences, and that six months they face to the right and accomplish

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their influences. For by command of the First Commandment and by command of the First Mystery |26. Yew, the Overseer of the Light, had set them facing the left at every time and accomplishing their influences and their deeds.

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