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The Man of Sorrows, by John Nelson Darby, [n.d. (prior to 1882)], at

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THERE are three ways in which this volume may be helpfully used.

1. By reading straight through as an ordinary book, making a pencil note in the margin of portions suitable for meditation and careful study.

2. Taking chapter by chapter, first reading the chapter in the Bible itself, then carefully noting the valuable and suggestive thoughts by this able minister of the Word of God.

3. As a book of reference. The Subject Index will readily indicate where any incident or event mentioned in the Gospel may be found. The Bible chapters are indicated at the head of each page, the verses at the beginning of each paragraph. The black type clearly indicates portions of the Gospel quoted.

Some of the quotations are from the Author's New Translation of the New Testament, now supplied in thin paper pocket edition, cloth, 2/; leather, 3/.

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