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Hymns of the Eastern Church, by J.M. Neale, [1884], at

p. 242


by S. Stephen the Sabaite

These Stanzas, which strike me as very sweet, are not in all the editions of the Octoechus.

κόπον τε καὶ κάματον.

Art thou weary, art thou languid,
  Art thou sore distrest?
"Come to me "—saith One—"and coming,
                   Be at rest!"

Hath He marks to lead me to Him,
  If He be my Guide?
"In Hip Feet and Hands are Wound-prints,
                   And His Side."

p. 243

Is there Diadem, as Monarch,
  That His Brow adorns?
"Yea, a Crown, in very surety,
                   But of Thorns!"

If I find Him, if I follow,
  What His guerdon here?
"Many a sorrow, many a labour,
                   Many a tear."

If I still hold closely to Him,
  What hath He at last?
"Sorrow vanquish’d, labour ended,
                   Jordan past!"

If I ask Him to receive me,
  Will He say me nay?
"Not till earth, and not till Heaven
                   Pass away!"

p. 244

Finding, following, keeping, struggling,
  Is He sure to bless?
"Angels, Martyrs, Prophets, Virgins,
                   Answer, Yes!"

[No. 4. in Mr. Sedding's book: also No. 4 in H. E. C. Both very sweet melodies;—but that in H. E. C., which gives a different version of the 4th line throughout, is, to my mind, singularly touching.]

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