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Hymns of the Eastern Church, by J.M. Neale, [1884], at

p. 216

Canon for Ascension Day


by S. Joseph of the Studium

νεκρώσας τὸν θάνατον.

N   ow that Death by death hath found his ending,
      Thou dost call to Thee Thy loved Eleven;
    And from holy Olivet ascending
      On a cloud art carried up to Heaven.

O   that wondrous Birth! that wondrous Rising!
      That more wondrous mounting to the sky!
    So Elias, earthly things despising,
      In a fiery chariot went on high.

P   arted from Him, still they watch’d His going:
      'Why stand gazing thus?' the Angel said:
    'This same Jesus, all His glory showing,
      Shall return to judge the quick and dead.'

p. 217


Q   uicken’d and cleans’d, receive remission new
    In the descending Spirit's fiery dew,
    Sons of the Church, and light-formed generation!
    For lo! the law goes forth from Sion's nation,
    The cloven tongues of flame the Paraclete's salvation!

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