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Hymns of the Eastern Church, by J.M. Neale, [1884], at

p. 212

Canon for Ascension Day


by S. Joseph of the Studium

ἐπάρατε πυλάς.

"E   xalt, exalt, the Heavenly Gates,
       Ye chiefs of mighty name!
     The Lord and King of all things waits,
       Enrob’d in earthly frame."
     So to the higher seats they cry,
       The humbler legions of the sky.

F   or Adam’s sake, by Serpent-guile
      Distress’d, deceiv’d, o’erthrown,
    Thou left’st Thy native Home awhile,
      Thou left’st the Father’s Throne:
    Now he is deck’d afresh with grace,
      Thou seek’st once more the Heavenly place.

p. 213

G   lad festal keeps the earth to-day,
      Glad festal Heav’n is keeping:
    The Ascension-pomp, in bright array,
      Goes proudly sky-ward sweeping:
    The Lord the mighty deed hath done,
      And join’d the severed into one.


ἔῥῤηξε γαστρός.

H   er fetters of the barren womb it rent,
    It crush’d the malice of the insolent,
    The cry of her—the prophetess, who brought
    A contrite spirit, and a humble thought
    To Him, Who bids His Throne by earnest prayer be sought.

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