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Hymns of the Eastern Church, by J.M. Neale, [1884], at

p. 192

S. Methodius I.

± A.D. 836.

S. Methodius I., a native of Syracuse, embraced the monastic life at Constantinople. Sent as legate from Pope Paschal to Michael the Stammerer, he was imprisoned by that prince in a close cell, and there passed nine years, on account of his resolute defence of Icons. Having been scourged for the same cause, by the Emperor Theophilus, he made his escape from prison; and when peace was restored to the Church was raised to the throne of Constantinople. His first care was to assemble a Synod for the restoration of Icons; and it is, properly speaking, that Synod

p. 193

which the Greeks celebrate on Orthodoxy Sunday. With this Council the Iconoclast troubles ceased. S. Methodius died November 4th, 846. His compositions are very few, and are chiefly confined to Idiomela.

εἰ καὶ τὰ παρόντα.

Are thy toils and woes increasing?
Are the Foe's attacks unceasing?
    Look with Faith unclouded,
    Gaze with eyes unshrouded,
      On the Cross!

Dost thou fear that strictest trial?
Tremblest thou at Christ's denial?
    Never rest without it,
    Clasp thine hands about it,
     —That dear Cross

p. 194

Diabolic legions press thee?
Thoughts and works of sin distress thee?
    It shall chase all terror,
    It shall right all error,
      That sweet Cross!

Draw’st thou nigh to Jordan's river?
Should’st thou tremble? Need’st thou quiver?
    No! if by it lying,
    No! if on it dying,
      On the Cross!

Say then,—"Master, while I cherish
That sweet hope, I cannot perish!
    After this life's story,
    Give Thou me the glory
      For the Cross!"

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